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Social Media Torch's New Office with Video Podcast Studio and Business Mailboxes

Saturday, 11 May 2024 07:00 AM

  1. Social Media Torch's New Office
    • In Prosper Texas at 291 S Preston Rd
      Social Media Torch has opened a new office in Prosper Texas with a Video Podcast Studio and Business Mailboxes.
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PROSPER, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 11, 2024 /

Who is Social Media Torch

Social Media Torch, a company owned by veteran Nick Gartside, has recognized the significant challenge faced by small business owners in creating professional and secure content. In addition to providing services like branding, website design, content creation, and managing PPC and email campaigns over the last 5 years, Social Media Torch is proud to announce the introduction of a video podcast studio. This new facility allows businesses to conveniently generate content in a controlled environment, further enhancing the range of services offered.

  • Content Splintering / Content Multiplying

Social Media Torch serves as your business's marketing ally, capable of handling various aspects of your marketing strategy. Whether you need assistance with specific marketing components or want us to manage the entire process, we've got you covered. Our expertise lies in the art of "Content Splintering." Whether we generate new content or you provide existing material, we excel at breaking it down into engaging short videos, compelling social media posts, insightful blogs, and impactful press releases. By employing this approach, we help enhance your digital presence, ultimately contributing to the achievement of your marketing goals.

Social Media Torch's Content Multiplying Graphic
  • Videographer's Partner With Us

Videographers, we have a video podcast studio and conference room where we can meet with mutual clients. From planning and storyboarding to showing the final deliverables, we can work together to do what is in the client's best interest. The best part is that we are not competing with you! We don't want to do the video work, we want you to do it, and then utilize us to do the content splintering.

Social Media Torch's Video Podcast Studio for Rent
  • Small Business's Friend In Success

Empower your business's successful launch with our latest Small Business package, featuring essential components such as a professional Business Address, dedicated Business Phone Number, and curated Content. By incorporating these key elements and leveraging our top-tier service options, you'll accelerate the growth and scalability of your business.

Social Media Torch's Business Mailboxes for Rent
  • Prosper Texas' Premier Marketing Agency

As the leading marketing agency at Prosper, we understand the unique requirements for success, catering to both small and large businesses. Explore our proven 8-step process at Recognizing diverse budget constraints, we tailor our services to align with yours. A validated checklist guides the pace and monthly services based on your budget. Regardless of your business stage, entrust us to craft a customized plan, fostering growth. Our success hinges on yours-we only win when you do!

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About Social Media Torch

Social Media Torch is a Marketing Agency that was founded in 2018. We offer branding, website design and management, content creation, managing PPC and email campaigns. We specialize in Content Splintering / Content Multiplying. Please contact us at to learn more about all that we can offer your business.

291 S Preston Rd
Suite 440
Prosper, TX 75078

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 469.731.0329 to learn more.

SOURCE: Social Media Torch

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