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Bettermeant Unveils its Groundbreaking Leadership and Employee Support for Today's Leaders and Workforce

Monday, 26 February 2024 02:30 PM


PORTLAND, OR / ACCESSWIRE / February 26, 2024 / Former Nike leaders introduce a pioneering form of leadership and employee support. Bettermeant unveils its groundbreaking support for today's leaders and workforce: a revolutionary blend of community, coaching, advising, and partner services designed by a diverse set of dynamic leaders.

In a world where expectations and demands on leaders and workers have intensified dramatically, Bettermeant is leveraging a team of seasoned executives, career experts, startup gurus, licensed therapists, and compassionate coaches to offer unparalleled support aimed at empowering individuals to thrive in both their professional and personal lives.

"Our mission at Bettermeant is to provide a reimagined and holistic form of support for today's leaders and workforce, which is good for people, employers, business owners, and communities," said Sarah Walton Founder and Chief Bettermeant Officer and former Senior Director of Strategic Capabilities at Nike. "We have created a unique and proven approach to development and growth that has significantly improved the lives of our clients, and armed leaders with what they need to thrive in the rapidly changing workplace. We offer extra hands, extra brains, extra strategies and tools, and extra heart for those who want to find and own their ‘better.'"

Bettermeant boasts a successful track record as a leading coaching services provider and has developed a proprietary approach inspired by research-backed theories based on affect and the Enneagram and improves upon them with experience and an innovative wraparound care model. Today, Bettermeant is thrilled to introduce its expanded team with new coaches who are poised to deliver their revolutionary approach to professional and personal development, as well as The Bettermeant Club open to anyone wanting support.

"I enlisted Bettermeant for support in finding my next career path after feeling I had yet to find a singular passion that was deeply fulfilling and authentic, despite having done over two decades of engaging work in various industries, from corporate to non-profit to entrepreneurship.The incredible support and coaching I received was transformative," said Ami Joshi, Bettermeant Coach. "Having been a Bettermeant client, it is especially meaningful to me to provide this reimagined support to others as a Bettermeant coach because I know it changes lives. It changed mine."

The Bettermeant Program is structured into four distinct levels, catering to the diverse needs of individuals and businesses alike. The Bettermeant programs include:

  • Inspire: offers support for individuals focused on connecting and building community through workshops, events, and retreats, as well as membership in "The Bettermeant Club" that brings like-minded individuals together.
  • Coach: provides personalized support ranging from leadership and career to life and relationship to business and executive coaching, with the intent of catalyzing change and guiding individuals towards their objectives.
  • Advising: equips businesses with the tools and resources they need to succeed and grow.
  • Partner Services: offers the highest level of support whereby Bettermeant helps bring subject matter expertise and resources to small- and mid-sized businesses.

"Our Bettermeant Program is unlike any other. We've built a differentiated model that features a dream team lifting you up, checking on you, teaching you, and holding you accountable," said Jan Favreau, Chief Mental Health Officer and Licensed Counselor. "Whether it's an executive coach or a relationship coach, parenting coach, or speaking coach who you need to swap in from time-to-time, our clients have the flexibility to choose the support they need and when they need it - and our coordinated care approach has enabled our clients to make huge leaps in a short time, tackling challenging situations. It's not what we do at Bettermeant that's revolutionary; rather, it's how we do it."

"We're obsessed with small business support because those businesses often grow out of a good idea and narrow expertise. As the business grows, owners find it difficult to keep up, find the right people, and make the right decisions," said Jennifer Gruetzner Bettermeant Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer and former Nike and Intel Senior Leader. "We don't just 'consult,' we're there for the journey, bringing expertise and resources until the team feels confident and self-sufficient on their own, ensuring lasting success."

Drawing on their extensive prior experience, the Bettermeant team designed a flexible membership-oriented model for support that fulfills the needs of the workforce. It's time to stop surviving and start thriving.

For more information about Bettermeant and its groundbreaking support solutions, visit

About Bettermeant:

Bettermeant is a leading provider of innovative support solutions for today's leaders and workforce. With a team of seasoned executives, career experts, startup gurus, therapists, and compassionate coaches, Bettermeant offers unparalleled support aimed at empowering individuals to thrive in both their professional and personal lives. Through its Inspire, Coach, Advisor, and Partner Services, Bettermeant is committed to reimagining support and making work a net positive in people's lives.


Sarah Walton
Founder and Chief Bettermeant Officer
[email protected]

SOURCE: Bettermeant

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