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Carry Protocol Unveils Transition Plans to Web3 Game Infrastructure with Community Endorsement

Friday, 23 February 2024 01:07 PM

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / February 23, 2024 / In a groundbreaking development, the Carry Protocol, renowned for its innovative intersection of game development and Web3 advertising, has released a comprehensive white paper today. This release is followed by a significant endorsement from its community, marking a pivotal moment in Carry's ambition to redefine the Web3 game infrastructure.

Visionary Whitepaper Outlines Future Path

Carry's newly released white paper lays out an ambitious blueprint for integrating blockchain technology into game industry. It introduces novel concepts such as slot-based advertising and provides a suite of development tools via the Carry SDK, designed to ease the adoption of blockchain for game developers. The project's commitment to supporting both Web2 and Web3 games promises to bring advanced economic models, incentive systems, and data analysis capabilities to the forefront of the game experience.

Historic Community Vote Ushers in New Era

On January 17th, 2024, the Carry community cast a decisive vote, signaling strong support for the project's strategic pivot towards Web3 game infrastructure. With a participation that far exceeded expectations, approximately 11M CRE tokens were mobilized from 59 unique addresses, easily surpassing the 2 million CRE quorum. An overwhelming 99.63% of votes were in favor, reflecting a united vision for Carry's future in the game industry.

The Voting has attracted more than 5 times of the expected quorum.

Invitation to Shape the Future of Game industry

With the whitepaper's release, Carry extends an invitation to the wider game community to join in this transformative journey. Simultaneously, Carry is introducing a new portal to highlight core concepts of its vision. This website emphasizes major milestones in the coming years and feature capabilities Carry aims to provide.The project's evolution is not just a testament to technological innovation but also to a shared vision of creating a balanced ecosystem where developers, players, and advertisers thrive together.

About Carry:

Carry is an infrastructure innovator at the intersection of game development and web3 advertising, fundamentally transforming how games integrate advertising. Carry sets its mission on building a powerful next generation game infrastructure, and redefining in-game advertising, offering a seamless fusion that benefits the game community for both traditional games and Web3 games.

As an architect of the future game landscape, Carry is poised to drive innovation and growth, paving the way for a game metaverse that harmoniously blends creativity, economic opportunity, and community engagement.

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Proposal Details:

Media Details
Company Name: Carryprotocol
Contact Person: Jungwon Yu
City and Country: Singapore, Singapore
Business Mail: [email protected]

SOURCE: Carry Protocol

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