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MRES: M2Enviro 2023 Year-End Review and 2024 Looking Forward

Thursday, 22 February 2024 09:15 AM

Institute of BioMedical Research Corp.

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA / ACCESSWIRE / February 22, 2024 / Institute of Biomedical Research Corp. (OTC PINK:MRES), a vanguard entity at the forefront of nutraceutical biotechnology,specializing in alternative plant-based cannabinoids, medical psilocybin, and cutting-edgemental health therapeutic research driven by artificial intelligence (AI), is pleased to sharethe following M2Enviro updates:

M2Enviro, at the forefront of biotechnological innovation and sustainability, is pioneering mycelium technology to engineer groundbreaking, eco-friendly products. This division is dedicated to redefining the landscape of material science, offering sustainable alternatives to the traditional, environmentally detrimental, petroleum-based materials that dominate our world. In 2023, we achieved remarkable breakthroughs in research and development, culminating in the creation of our flagship innovation, Hempcelium™. This avant-garde biodegradable packaging solution, ingeniously combining hemp with mycelium, stands at the vanguard of environmental stewardship. Hempcelium™ has captured the industry's imagination and positioned itself as a formidable challenger to conventional petroleum-based packaging, heralding a new era of sustainable material science.

As M2Enviro propels into the forthcoming year, the guiding principle is exponential growth-reflecting the boundless expansion characteristic of mycelium networks. The company is poised to dramatically extend its influence and augment its operational capabilities, leveraging the substantial foundation laid in the previous year. This strategic expansion is not merely an increase in scale but a profound amplification of our scientific endeavors, underscoring our commitment to redefining the frontiers of biotechnological innovation and sustainability.

In 2024, M2Enviro embarks on an ambitious continuation of its mission, with a reinforced commitment to research & development and the engineering of novel products, with a particular focus on the advancement of Hempcelium™. This commitment to ongoing scientific inquiry guarantees perpetual innovation, upholding the most stringent standards of excellence. As we transitioned out of 2023, Hempcelium™ was subjected to exhaustive performance evaluations, where it exceeded both our internal criteria and established industry benchmarks across multiple measures of strength-affirming our scientific assertions regarding the material's exceptional resilience, durability, and superior quality. This achievement signifies a milestone in material science and reinforces our position at the forefront of sustainable engineering solutions.

This triumph marks a pivotal moment for the industry, heralding a monumental stride towards providing eco-conscious alternatives without sacrificing performance. The outcomes of our rigorous R&D endeavors over the past two years underscore our unwavering dedication to revolutionizing the industry and affirm the viability of Hempcelium™ as a transformative, sustainable packaging solution. This is not merely progress; it is a bold declaration of our capacity to redefine the future of environmental sustainability.

"In 2023, we achieved a significant milestone in developing the inaugural mycelium composite surfboard, with the official release scheduled for March 2024. M2Enviro is accelerating the fabrication of the next three boards, targeting completion by May 2024. Additionally, we are offering six unique, limited-edition boards on M2Bio Science's OpenSea platform as NFTs, showcasing the innovative potential of this project. This initiative goes beyond traditional surfboard manufacturing; it represents a pioneering step in utilizing mycelium technology, setting new standards for sustainable design and engineering in the surf industry," articulated Stephanus Louwskieter, lead R&D Engineer.

M2Enviro is actively engaging with potential clients behind the scenes, with plans to onboard some in 2024. Due to an overwhelming demand for our Hempcelium™ that far exceeds our current production capabilities, we are taking significant steps to address this exciting challenge. An in-house production facility in Hout Bay is under construction, aimed explicitly at scaling production and operations for increased efficiency and product availability. This strategic expansion is critical for meeting the surging interest and ensuring we can fulfill the growing needs of our market. Additionally, the division will launch targeted social media campaigns to raise awareness and showcase the unique features of Hempcelium™. We are also exploring collaborations with local artists to introduce mycelium composite materials through art and culture, further enhancing public awareness and understanding of the material. These initiatives are designed to meet the current demand and solidify our position as leaders in mycelium composite materials' innovation and sustainable use.

Aidan Price, the visionary MD of M2Enviro, exuded unparalleled enthusiasm for the future, proclaiming, "2023 was the year we laid down our roots, setting the stage for what's to come. As we step into 2024, we're not just ready to grow-we're set to redefine the sustainability landscape. Our relentless pursuit of innovative mycelium applications and unwavering dedication to eco-conscious principles place us at the forefront of the movement towards a greener tomorrow."

With an ambitious eye on exponential growth, M2Enviro is passionately committed to transcending the frontiers of sustainable technology, catering to the sophisticated needs of the environmentally aware consumer.

About Institute of Biomedical Research Corp./ DBA M2Bio Sciences

Institute of Biomedical Research Corp is a nutraceutical biotechnology company focused on alternative plant-based cannabinoids, medical psilocybin and mental health therapeutic research powered by artificial intelligence, and evidence-based sustainable products and solutions that develops and commercializes a range of CBD and mushrooms-based products under Dr. AnnaRx™, Medspresso™, Liviana™ brands as well as artificial intelligence-powered nutrition products and solutions under the M2Biome brand. In addition, our research and clinical trials with psilocybin are aimed at new therapies to help patients suffering from alcohol addiction, mental illness, and cardiovascular diseases. Our mission is to advance botanical-based medicine to the forefront by deploying best-practice science and medicine, clinical research, and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence.

The Company is traded on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board of NASDAQ under the trading symbol MRES.

Publicly traded Company (OTC Pink: MRES)
[email protected]
Aidan Price
Head of Sustainability Division: M2Enviro
+27 82 719 8359

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SOURCE: Institute of BioMedical Research Corp.

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