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ZKM Launches Zero-Knowledge Virtual Machine (zkVM) Alpha Testnet

Tuesday, 20 February 2024 09:00 AM


SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 20, 2024 / ZKM is thrilled to announce the launch of its zero-knowledge virtual machine (zkVM) Alpha Testnet.

The primary aim of ZKM is to establish Ethereum as the global settlement layer for secure, verifiable computing via its general purpose zkVM. This opens up tremendous possibilities for both blockchain and non-blockchain applications to harness the many potential benefits of zero-knowledge proofs, including the ability to utilize the unparalleled security and decentralization of Ethereum settlement.

The architecture of its zkVM combines Zero-Knowledge technology with MIPS (Microprocessors without Interlocked Pipeline Stages) processor architecture to create a unique verifiable computing solution. This enables the trust of computation results generated by untrusted computers, potentially storing the generated zero-knowledge proofs on Ethereum. The process involves running a target program to collect intermediary states (Execution Trace), encoding the program and its execution trace into sets of polynomials (arithmetization), and finally committing to these polynomials using cryptographic techniques.

Initially, the zkVM will have the ability to handle programs written in multiple high-level languages such as Golang, which are compiled into a MIPS executable. This executable is then loaded into the MIPS VM, and the zkVM generates an execution trace for the prover to create a ZK proof. The implementation enables blockchain nodes to verify execution of a program by generating a ZKP to prove the validity of the execution.

ZKM's protocol rollout is planned in three stages, initially focusing on integrating its zkVM with Optimistic Rollups to upgrade its stack to be OP/ZK-Hybrid, before further adapting its zkVM infrastructure to make all blockchains seamlessly and securely interoperable, and eventually extending support to non-blockchain applications such as IoT and cloud-computing, allowing non-blockchain systems to integrate with blockchain and inherit Ethereum's security for settlement.

ZKM is an open-source initiative and we're seeking collaboration and contributions from developers to build applications supported by our zkVM, which can be tested here.

About ZKM

ZKM is a Universal Zero-Knowledge Virtual Machine (zkVM) utilizing MIPS architecture for Secure Verifiable Computing. ZKM is able to accept code from any high-level language such as golang, compile to a set of MIPS instructions and generates a ZK proof from the execution. This process is run by a majority of computers to support a wide range of use cases, from blockchain, to general computation. ZKM aims to empower Ethereum as the Global Settlement Layer for the short to medium term, and build a Trustworthy Internet for the long term.



Colin Landers
[email protected]


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