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MRES: M2Biome 2023 Year-End Review and 2024 Looking Forward

Friday, 09 February 2024 09:30 AM

Institute of BioMedical Research Corp.

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA / ACCESSWIRE / February 9, 2024 / Institute of Biomedical Research Corp. (OTC PINK:MRES), a vanguard entity at the forefront of nutraceutical biotechnology, specializing in alternative plant-based cannabinoids, medical psilocybin, and cutting-edge mental health therapeutic research driven by artificial intelligence (AI), is pleased to announce the following updates for its M2Biome division:

The M2Biome division relates to all nutrition aspects of M2Bio Sciences and associated education. Increasing evidence exists to elucidate the link between the gut and all things health and how important it is to optimize the microbiome through lifestyle. M2Biome provides evidence-based products that meet the specific needs of various individual profiles, are of the highest quality, and are environmentally sustainable. We are committed to continuous innovation, striving to provide cutting-edge solutions for healthier living. M2Biome also supports M2Bio Food & Beverage in research and development, ensuring that only evidence-based, high-quality products come to market.

2023 was undoubtedly a year of growth, where the division went from just a concept to launching the website, providing ‘bite-sized' nutritional information in the form of topical articles, providing a plethora of science-backed recipes, and going full-steam ahead with educational content on various social media platforms.

Our website (found here) provides information for healthcare professionals and consumers alike. Key features include the diabetes risk screening tool, educational content, and a range of recipes that often incorporate products from M2Bio Science's consumer-facing brands Liviana and Medspresso. In terms of research and article-writing, some of the topics our team explored included the intricate links between diet and Alzheimer's Disease, why weight loss shouldn't be a ‘blanket approach' to those with overweight and obesity, the role of the endocannabinoid system in health, as well as some practical tips on how to pack a nutritious lunch box. Our mission to provide bite-sized information will continue into 2024 when we will delve further into gut health and its implications for the rest of the body.

We are building and fostering a robust online community around health and wellness through social media. In 2024, we will ensure more evidence-based information, including summaries of relevant, newly published studies.

As always, a pragmatic take-home message will be supplied from the learnings.

2023 was filled with recipe writing, using science to elevate the health of meals. This entails a continuous learning curve for the sweet spot between taste, health, convenience, sustainability, affordability, and practicality. We explore alternative, often overlooked healthy ingredients and find ways to incorporate them practically into dishes. In these recipes, we lean on cooking methods to bring out the best in ingredients and focus on locally available seasonal produce. Making minor adjustments to meals and snacks adds to a ‘healthy whole.' Wilna Eksteen, our in-house Dietitian and Cardiometabolic Product Developer, will continue to be innovative in this space and provide mouth-watering recipes that satisfy many aspects of one's health. Furthermore, we will be working on producing an elegant recipe book. This recipe book will blend a traditional approach with technology, providing an interactive end-product set apart from your average recipe book.

M2Biome supported the development of several products under Liviana. Notably, the premium black garlic in extra virgin olive oil, as well as the luxurious chocolate range, to be launched in 2024. Under M2Biome, we also worked on researching and developing several drinks that will address metabolic, gut, and cognitive health. Not only will they meet specific health needs, but we guarantee they will be delicious - allowing a seamless integration into one's daily routine. We are developing nutritional bars as a wholesome alternative to existing market options. We aim to minimize the ingredient list while maximizing consumer fiber and micronutrient intake contributions.

In line with a personalized approach to nutrition, M2Biome is incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for better patient outcomes. Machine learning takes enormous data to uncover patterns and insights related to dietary choices, health outcomes, and nutritional needs. Leveraging machine learning algorithms assists with developing personalized nutrition recommendations based on individual factors such as age, gender, activity level, and health conditions, leading to more tailored and effective dietary interventions.

The development of the M2Biome App will be a significant focus in 2024. We have secured our partner, based in Singapore, to assist in developing the app. Significant strides have already been made, and we expect to launch the first iteration in 2024. This app will be a game changer in the health industry and benefit consumers and healthcare providers. The next generation of healthcare is here-personalized precision medicine driven by advanced artificial intelligence technologies.

"As the Managing Director of M2Biome, I am proud of our remarkable journey through 2023, where we built a solid foundation for what will come from this division. Our dedicated team has tirelessly worked towards this goal because we are committed to transforming the nutrition space regarding health and wellness. While 2023 saw some great progress, we eagerly anticipate the exciting prospects awaiting us in 2024. The upcoming year promises groundbreaking advancements, innovative partnerships, and an unwavering dedication to improving the nutritional landscape for all." said Nicola Royce.

"We recognize the critical need for an application that doesn't just offer nutritional guidance but truly revolutionizes it. Our M2Biome app stands leagues beyond the traditional offerings in the current market. With the integration of AI-driven, state-of-the-art mobile software and hardware technologies, we're not just setting a new standard in personalized nutrition; we're redefining it. This innovative leap is a testament to our commitment to merging advanced technology with health and wellness, offering unmatched accuracy and customization in dietary planning. This app is set to become an industry juggernaut, the dominant force in its field." - Jeff Robinson, CEO, M2Bio Sciences.

About Institute of Biomedical Research Corp./ DBA M2Bio Sciences
Institute of Biomedical Research Corp is a nutraceutical biotechnology company focused on alternative plant-based cannabinoids, medical psilocybin and mental health therapeutic research powered by artificial intelligence, and evidence-based sustainable products and solutions that develops and commercializes a range of CBD and mushrooms-based products under Dr. AnnaRx™, Medspresso™, Liviana™ brands as well as artificial intelligence-powered nutrition products and solutions under the M2Biome brand. In addition, our research and clinical trials with psilocybin are aimed at new therapies to help patients suffering from alcohol addiction, mental illness, and cardiovascular diseases. Our mission is to advance botanical-based medicine to the forefront by deploying best-practice science and medicine, clinical research, and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence.

The Company is traded on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board of NASDAQ under the trading symbol "MRES."

Publicly traded Company (OTC Pink:MRES)

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SOURCE: Institute of BioMedical Research Corp.

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