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Cytta Corp Leads the Way in US Drone Cybersecurity - New Whitepaper Discusses CyttaCOMMS Integration with new State and Federal Blue UAS Standards

Thursday, 08 February 2024 08:00 AM

Cytta Corp.

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / February 8, 2024 / Cytta Corp (OTCQB:CYCA), a leader in advanced streaming and integrated communications solutions, today announced the publication of pioneering Whitepaper on Cybersecurity Risks in Drone Technology titled, "The Evolving Landscape of UAS Technology and Cybersecurity: A Forward-Looking Perspective"

This comprehensive Research Report explores the evolving landscape of drone technology and its implications for cybersecurity in the USA .

The Whitepaper, authored by Cytta Corp's team of experts, delves into the critical aspects of drone technology and the growing need for robust cybersecurity measures in this rapidly advancing field.

Key Takeaways from the Whitepaper:

  • Advancements and Risks: The Whitepaper details the rapid advancement of drone capabilities and underscores the need for superior cybersecurity as drones become embedded in critical operations.
  • Government Standards Alignment: It highlights CyttaCOMMS/IGAN's compliance with the U.S.'s Blue UAS program, laying out high-security standards required for UAS operations.
  • Safeguarding National Interests: The Whitepaper advocates for the urgent integration of secure-by-design UAS systems like those developed by Cytta, to safeguard sensitive environments from cyber threats.
  • Operational Proficiency: A focus on ensuring operational efficiency and real-time data analysis is paramount for future UAS operations - a key aspect Cytta's technology seamlessly provides.

Gary Campbell, CEO of Cytta Corp, commented on the release, "As drone technology becomes increasingly integral to commercial and security operations, understanding and mitigating cybersecurity risks to our Nation is paramount. Our latest white paper aims to educate and inform stakeholders about the challenges and solutions in drone cybersecurity, highlighting recent US Federal and State Blue UAS legislation, reinforcing Cytta Corp's commitment to pioneering safe and secure technological advancements for the USA."

As UAS technologies continue to permeate various sectors, Cytta Corp steps forth as a champion of secure, policy-compliant, and highly effective communication solutions. This Whitepaper demonstrates Cytta's dedication to fortifying the future of UAS technology while supporting strategic national and law enforcement objectives.

To access the full Research Report and learn more about Cytta's vision for drone security and other Research papers, please visit

Also, please join us for this week's Cytta Corp. Investor Webcast with CEO, Gary Campbell at 9:00 AM Pacific or 12 Noon Eastern. You can register and watch it live at the following link: Weekly Live Webinar and Q&A Featuring Gary Campbell CEO

About Cytta Corp:

Cytta Corp. is a leading technology solutions provider dedicated to delivering innovative products and services across various industries and revolutionizes the integration, streaming, transfer, and storage of video and audio data. With a focus on safety, security, and efficiency, Cytta Corp strives to develop cutting-edge solutions that address real-world challenges in large markets.

The Company's proprietary CyttaCOMMS incident management system offers real-time integration of video and audio streams, enabling improved collaboration and providing ongoing, relevant, actionable intelligence. Their innovative new product, CyttaCARES, is a game-changer in ensuring the safety and well-being of children in educational institutions and beyond. Cytta's CyttaCOMP ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) technology delivers real-time compression of video streams with ultra-low latency, through their compression Licensee Reticulate Micro.

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SOURCE: Cytta Corp.

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