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Introducing Flawnter's SAST and SCA Testing Solutions

Sunday, 21 January 2024 04:40 PM

BURBANK, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 21, 2024 / CyberTest, the independent cybersecurity testing firm is happy to announce its latest improvements of Flawnter in Static Code Analysis and Software Composition Analysis (SCA) features that have deeper analysis scan engines to help businesses and software companies catch more security weakness and flaws in their applications, thus helping improve overall security posture of the company.

Flawnter bridges the gap between high-quality security and accessibility by offering an affordable, scalable, and flexible solution to easily automate security code reviews and software composition analysis. Easy to use and seamlessly integrated with any CI/CD, Flawnter leverages the expertise of CyberTest's security researchers to offer a fast and easy solution to finding application security flaws with minimal false positives.

Flawnter has rapidly become an all-in-one solution for software companies who desire an easy and affordable solution for securing their application code and detecting known vulnerabilities in 3 rd party libraries and components that may lead to software supply chain attacks.

"In a constantly changing digital landscape, Flawnter's Static Code Analyzer and Software Composition Analysis (SCA) help improve both the security and quality of application codes for businesses around the world while maintaining ease of use and affordability."

CyberTest has brought its purpose-driven vision to life by demonstrating a dedication to innovation and an unyielding commitment to assisting businesses in safeguarding their crucial assets. The fruition of this vision is evident with the launch of Flawnter.

About CyberTest

CyberTest is an independent cybersecurity testing, research, and development firm offering cybersecurity consulting and penetration testing services to help businesses and organizations secure their assets. Based in the USA, and founded in 2015, CyberTest leverages ethical hacking from its elite team of security engineers to discover security vulnerabilities and minimize risks. CyberTest is bridging the gap between high-level security and accessibility by curating an affordable service to be used by companies and organizations of all sizes. Since its founding, CyberTest has tested over 1000 applications and scanned over 10000 networks. In October 2021 CyberTest released a new product called Flawnter to help software companies to find hidden security and quality flaws faster.

To learn more about Flawnter, please visit:

For more information or press inquiries, please contact CyberTest at [email protected]

Name: Mariam Varp
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Flawnter

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