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Index Investment Group Acquires 20% Stake in LQR House

Friday, 12 January 2024 06:30 PM

LQR House

Group of Investors led by Bjarne Borg to Increase Their Current 20% Position in LQR House

MIAMI BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January 12, 2024 / Renowned activist investor Bjarne Borg, known for his diverse ventures in real estate, private equity, and energy sectors, has orchestrated a strategic move. Borg's group of investors is rallying behind LQR House (LQR) amid current market challenges. Analyst organizations, including Fintel, EF Hutton, and Litchfield, project an undervalued status for LQR House with a price target range of $7 to $26.

Borg's investor group, led by him, has successfully acquired a substantial 20% stake in LQR House, reflecting a profound commitment to the company's sustained growth. Plans are in place to further increase this position, with the aim of leveraging ownership to instigate positive changes that could enhance share prices by reshaping the narrative in the public market. Drawing on his extensive entrepreneurial experience across industries, Borg intends to guide LQR House through existing challenges. He is prepared to offer assistance, whether through strategic partnerships, potential mergers, or exploring alternative options to public markets if necessary.

Bjarne Borg's attraction to LQR House stems from its robust ecommerce platform,, coupled with a low burn rate and an impressive cash reserve exceeding $7.5 million, all while trading at a fraction of its intrinsic value. Notable partnerships and a track record of record-breaking revenue position LQR House as an attractive investment ripe for realizing untapped potential.

Expressing confidence in LQR House, Borg emphasizes its potential to emerge as a disruptor in the alcohol industry. From its NASDAQ IPO, Borg closely monitored the company's journey, acknowledging current challenges. The objective is to reshape the narrative, steering LQR House towards unlocking its inherent potential and playing a pivotal role in modernizing the alcohol industry.

This strategic investment initiative is positioned as a transformative force, aligning LQR House with a vision that transcends current market challenges and sets the stage for substantial future growth and success.

Through Index Investment Group, founded in 1998, Borg has made significant investments in real estate, spanning residential, commercial, and industrial assets in the United States, Canada, and Sweden. His investments in renewable energy, particularly deep-sea offshore wind and biomass energy power plants, are expected to yield over 20 GW gross output of green energy in the next few years. Index Investment Group, headquartered in Jupiter, FL, has been involved in over thirty developments across North America, with a focus on Florida since 2011. The company owns nearly 3 million square feet of commercial-industrial properties in the upstate New York market. Borg currently holds leadership positions as the Executive Chairman of the Board of Index Investment Group, director of the board of Hexicon Group, and advisory board roles in several national and regional banks.

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