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Navix Health Selects SOBRsafe as Exclusive Alcohol Data Partner for Next-Generation Digital Healthcare Platform

Friday, 12 January 2024 11:00 AM

First Management Software to Provide Real-Time, Integrated Alcohol Intelligence for Behavioral Health

COSTA MESA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 12, 2024 / Navix Health, a leading provider of innovative healthcare technologies, announced today that is has selected SOBRsafe as its exclusive alcohol data partner, integrating SOBRsafe's transdermal detection solutions into Navix Hub™ - its fully unified facility and practice management software for behavioral health. With the integration of the SOBRsafe technology, Navix Hub™ customers can augment current operations with touch-based alcohol monitoring, the results flowing directly into their client records platform. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in advancing digital health and bolstering patient-centric care.

Navix Health specializes in seamless behavioral health software that streamlines provider experiences and improves facility management. SOBRsafe (NASDAQ:SOBR) is pioneering non-invasive, humane and hygienic alcohol detection, with a priority on safety, support and accountability.

The partnership between Navix Health and SOBRsafe combines their expertise to offer comprehensive digital health solutions that address the evolving needs of patients, healthcare providers, and stakeholders in the healthcare industry. By integrating SOBRsafe's advanced alcohol monitoring technology with Navix Health's robust EMR, both companies aim to enhance patient care, increase compliance, and promote better health outcomes.

"We are excited about the opportunities this partnership brings to revolutionize patient care," said Jason Brumback, CEO of Navix Health. "By integrating SOBRsafe's innovative alcohol monitoring solutions into our platform, we empower healthcare providers with tools that enable personalized and effective care delivery while ensuring patient safety."

"At SOBRsafe, it is our goal to empower positive outcomes," said Dave Gandini, Chairman and CEO of SOBRsafe. "In this we are wholly aligned with Navix Health, and we believe the integration with Navix Hub™ positions both our organizations to create maximum benefit through actionable alcohol intelligence. We are excited to partner with Navix health, and we look forward to providing value to their customers industry-wide."

Through this collaboration, Navix Health and SOBRsafe aim to drive advancements in digital healthcare, reinforce quality patient care, and support healthcare providers in delivering high-quality, personalized services.

Navix Health is a leading innovative healthcare technology provider that enhances facility management in behavioral health and improves healthcare outcomes. For more information about Navix Health, visit

SOBRsafe's advanced transdermal (touch-based) technology detects and instantaneously reports the presence of alcohol as emitted through a user's skin - no breath, blood or urine sample is required. With a powerful backend data platform, SOBRsafe provides next generation, passive detection technology for behavioral health. For more information about SOBRsafe, visit


Jason Brumback, CEO
[email protected]

SOURCE: Navix Health

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