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"Wellness Her Way With Gracie Norton" Ascends to the Top Ranks in Health and Fitness Podcasts With Support of Lauren Plunk's Industry Expertise

Wednesday, 06 December 2023 04:20 PM

TAMPA, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 6, 2023 / In a resounding triumph for the realm of wellness and personal empowerment, the podcast world witnesses a meteoric rise as "Wellness Her Way with Gracie Norton" surges to unprecedented heights.

Launched on October 30, 2023, "Wellness Her Way with Gracie Norton" has swiftly garnered attention and acclaim, capturing the hearts and minds of audiences seeking a transformative journey towards holistic health. With the initial two episodes airing on November 6, 2023, the podcast soared to the number 2 spot on Apple's podcast app in the coveted Health and Fitness "Top Shows," standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the esteemed "Huberman Lab" at number 1.

Gracie Norton found her passion in health and wellness through her personal experience of battling PCOS, inflammation, acne, mood swings, constant fatigue and high cortisol levels. After countless doctors appointments and "band aid" fixes, Gracie decided she was going to take things into her own hands to heal naturally. Through this transformative time in her life, she found her passion by helping other people do the same thing.

With over 1.1 million followers on Tiktok, Gracie has been able to educate women on the importance of health and wellness all across the world. She is widely known for her "Sleepy Girl Mocktail" that is a hormone-friendly drink that promotes a balanced sleep.

Gracie Norton created the Wellness Her Way podcast to be the ultimate sanctuary for a welcoming approach to wellness. Special guests like Dr. Amich, a Health Scientist and Functional Medicine Consultant, and Sanne Vloet, former Victoria Secret model and founder of Soul Sync Body, have been featured on the podcast to discuss health trends, integrative medicine, creating a wellness plan that fits you, and so much more.

Episodes of "Wellness Her Way with Gracie Norton" continue to captivate audiences, airing every Monday on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. The podcast serves as a beacon of inspiration, offering insightful discussions, empowering narratives, and actionable strategies for individuals seeking a transformative wellness journey.

Lauren Plunk, a stalwart in the landscape of entrepreneurship and wellness, played an integral role in the triumphant launch of "Wellness Her Way with Gracie Norton." Leveraging her expertise in talent business management, health, and wellness, Plunk provided invaluable support and strategic direction, contributing significantly to the podcast's initial success.

"As a dynamic entrepreneur, Lauren Plunk brings a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to reshaping the health and wellness narrative," stated Gracie Norton, host of "Wellness Her Way." "Her guidance and support have been instrumental in catapulting the podcast to remarkable heights."

There is so much to look forward to with the Wellness Her Way podcast. Rather than hopping on emerging trends, Gracie believes in getting back to the roots of wellness and making a home for the body, mind, and soul. If you're seeking physical growth, emotional abundance, or simply a more fulfilling life, tune in to the Wellness Her Way Podcast every Monday airing on all podcast platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Join Gracie and the Wellness Her Way community on a journey back to the essentials, empowering you to create a harmonious and fulfilling existence from within.

You can find updates on new episodes, featured guests and podcast highlights on Wellness Her Way Instagram @WellnessHerWayPodcast.

Gracie loves sharing her story to remind people that true happiness through healing is focusing on how health feels instead of how it looks. You can follow Gracie Norton's personal journey on Instagram and TikTok @Gracie_Norton.

Contact Info:
Spokesperson: Lauren Plunk
Organization: Wellness Her Way With Gracie Norton
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Wellness Her Way with Gracie Norton

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