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OVB Allfinanz España: Leading the Way in Financial Consulting With a Vision

Monday, 20 November 2023 11:00 AM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 20, 2023 / In the world of finance, where success stories often revolve around big corporations and Wall Street tycoons, OVB Allfinanz España, S.A. stands out. OVB España is a financial consulting firm based in Spain that connects you with a financial consultant to accompany you and help you grow.

OVB España understands what concerns clients and are ready to provide answers to questions at any time, in order to help you get what is best for you. OVB España's consultants can advise clients on asset protection, risk prevention and retirement finances.

"We believe that advice is a matter of trust and we are committed to long-term, flexible and, above all, individualized planning. We master our work, demonstrating it with more than 3.4 million clients and almost 50 years of history." OVB España reads on their website.

The #1 financial consultant of OVB España is David Molina, who joined OVB in 2016 after embarking on a remarkable journey to migrate outside of its native Venezuela. His early years at OVB were marked by relentless dedication, as he worked tirelessly to create a better life for himself and those he aimed to serve.

Over the next six years, David Molina invested his time, energy, and expertise into helping his clients achieve their financial goals. He succeeded in creating a solid foundation expanding his client base to over 4,000 individuals and managing more than $30 million in assets.

At OVB España, David Molina is the leader of a group of 65 financial consultants, who specialize in developing short-term, medium-term, and long-term financial plans for both individuals and businesses. Their approach revolves around setting clear objectives and defined timeframes to maximize the potential of their client's investments.

Building trust with his first clients is one of the most significant hurdles financial consultants encounter. Once trust is established and coupled with positive investment results, word of mouth plays a crucial role in propelling his business to where it stands today.

David Molina's advice to those looking to start their own business is simple but powerful: "First and foremost, believe in yourself because, if you don't, nobody else will. Secondly, be prepared to work harder than anyone else. Success is about working during the times others avoid, enabling you to enjoy the life that others only dream of. Patience is also key-results will come, but you must be prepared to sow the seeds and continue tending to them until the harvest arrives."

Looking ahead, David Molina looks to become the national director of OVB España and dreams of venturing into the real estate sector, an area that has always fascinated him. On the other hand, OVB will continue to grow and work to remain the reliable answer to the question, "who should be my financial consultant in Europe?"

About OVB Allfinanz España

OVB Allfinanz España is a financial consulting firm based in Spain that provides advice on asset protection, risk prevention and retirement finances. They help clients commit to long-term, flexible, and individualized planning.


Paula Henderson
[email protected]

SOURCE: OVB Allfinanz España

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