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Real Estate Rental Mogul Launches Blueprint Course Through SOARX Consulting, Empowering Everyday Americans to Achieve Unprecedented Success

Saturday, 18 November 2023 02:45 PM

BURLINGTON, NC / ACCESSWIRE / November 18, 2023 / North Carolina resident, Steven Andrews built his real estate business from scratch using his credit card to purchase his first duplex. Ten years later he has closed millions of dollars in real estate deals and boasts an impressive portfolio of a couple hundred rental properties. Now, he is sharing his secret to success in a comprehensive online course to help the average Joe replicate his success in the real estate rental business.

Andrews has been a real estate entrepreneur for ten years and has built a very successful Real Estate Rental business from scratch. But it was not always like this for him. Ten years ago, he had a retail management job making $45,000 a year and worked up to 70 hours a week. In his free time, Andrews enjoyed spending time with his family and friends; however, sometimes, he could only rest because he was so exhausted. On top of that, he was over $75,000 in debt. Deep down, he knew he couldn't continue living like this and was actively looking for a way out.

Real estate investing was a likely option. Andrews had taken a real estate class at High Point University and was very passionate about it. Although he understood the potential of the real estate industry, he lacked the funds to get started. Despite this, he refused to abandon the idea.

With the help and encouragement from a local investor, Andrews took a leap of faith and purchased his first duplex using his credit card. Since then, he has closed millions of dollars in real estate deals and now owns a couple hundred rental properties. He has even ventured into property flipping and lending. With his wealth of experience and proven track record, Andrews has created a blueprint real estate course to help others like him who want to escape the rat race to create another income stream.

He said: "I never dreamed it would materialize into what it is today. Because of my success, I created SOARX Consulting to help everyday Americans replicate my success. I believe anyone can achieve financial success in real estate with the right guidance and determination."

Of course, the internet is replete with real estate courses, but not all are created equal. The SOARX Signature Real Estate Course offers a comprehensive step-by-step roadmap to starting and growing a real estate company. The 11-week course features the exact formula Andrews used to create his successful real estate business. The course offers a deep understanding of the potential of rental properties and equips people with practical ways to succeed in the market. They will also learn:

  • How to finance a property
  • How to secure the best deal on properties
  • Manage multiple rental properties
  • And more

For further information about the SOARX Signature Course, visit

About the Company - SOARX Consulting:

SOARX Consulting was founded by Steven Andrews, a self-made real estate entrepreneur, to empower aspiring individuals to achieve financial success and personal freedom through the real estate business. The firm is dedicated to empowering people by providing guidance, support, and educational resources that pave the way to financial success and personal growth.

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