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ACCESSWIRE Draws Connection Between Press Release Distribution and Lead Generation

Friday, 17 November 2023 10:01 AM


RALEIGH, NC / ACCESSWIRE / November 17, 2023 / ACCESSWIRE, a newswire service standout that provides regional, national and global news to thousands of clients worldwide, understands the connection between press release distribution and lead generation.

In addition to paid advertising, cold outreach, and referrals - all viable lead generation methods, ACCESSWIRE touts the efficiency of press release distribution in helping companies attract more attention and in turn, leads.

"We continue to build our business on the power of press release distribution and how it helps companies of all sizes and industries build awareness and improve their online visibility - two necessities for lead generation," said Jennifer Hammers, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Issuer Direct.

Companies can use press releases to share their stories, showcase their experience and expertise in the industry and position themselves as thought leaders.

All of these factors help brands create trust with target audience, build a good reputation, and generate positive publicity - all crucial building blocks of successful lead generation.

As one of the top newswires in the industry, ACCESSWIRE offers global distribution, predictable flat-fee pricing, and top-tier customer service. Its award-winning press release distribution services and online newsrooms ensure its customers' most important moments reach the right audiences.

To learn more about ACCESSWIRE's press release distribution services, visit


About ACCESSWIRE/Issuer Direct Corporation

Issuer Direct is a leading communications company, providing solutions for both Public Relations and Investor Relations Professionals for over 16 years. Our comprehensive solutions are used by thousands of customers from emerging startups to multi-billion-dollar global brands, ensuring their most important moments are reaching the right audiences, via our industry-leading newswire, IR website solutions, events technology, and compliance solutions. For more information, please visit .

Issuer Direct Corporation Media Contacts:

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