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Is VinFast Getting Better? Review of VinFast's VF 8 Innovations and Improvements

Wednesday, 25 October 2023 04:45 PM


LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 25, 2023 / Standing out amid a fast-paced world of automotive technology, VinFast demonstrates a clear focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. In the past few months, this pioneering company has introduced a host of improvements to its VF 8 electric SUV designed to enhance the driving experience for customers. From improved battery capabilities to advanced driver assistance systems, VinFast has focused on listening to consumers and investing in innovation that aligns with their electric driving needs. Here are the key areas where VinFast has employed customer feedback and suggestions to elevate the performance and driving experience of its VF 8.

Updated Charging Capabilities

VinFast has made significant strides in its VF 8's charging performance, making it even more practical for everyday use. Continuous enhancements in charging technology have reduced charging times, making it more convenient for vehicle owners to keep the VF 8 charged and ready to go. VinFast's commitment to sustainable mobility is also reflected in its advancements in battery technology. With higher battery capacity & shorter charging time, VinFast vehicles offer drivers greater peace of mind when on the road.

Improved Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Recognizing the importance of the ADAS system for drivers, VinFast updated its VF 8's ADAS technology. As a result, the EV's driver monitoring system (DMS) is now more efficient in low-light environments, significantly enhancing safety on the road at night. Additionally, VinFast has improved the performance of the VF's surround view monitor (SVM), making it more stable than ever before. To further advance the ADAS, VinFast improved the priority, persistence, and approach of how they deliver ADAS information and warnings to the customer.

Enhanced AC

Comfort is always paramount and the recent improvements to the VF 8's in-cabin air conditioner are sure to get notice from passengers. Understanding the need for full cabin climate control, the AC system has been upgraded to deliver cool air more efficiently and effectively. They have also achieved greater stability of the AC system, ensuring compatibility with the new thermal layout of their cars. These advancements have been optimized to seamlessly integrate with the new cabin heating system, guaranteeing a well-rounded and comfortable environment for passengers.

A Smoother Driving Experience

Within their meticulous fine-tuning of their VF 8, VinFast prioritized improvements to the vehicle's driving experience. Brake pedal reactions have been adapted to meet and exceed customer expectations, ensuring precise and responsive braking. Suspension systems, vehicle height, damper tuning, and spring tuning have been optimized to enhance both primary and secondary ride comfort, providing a smoother driving experience and reducing bumpiness.

VinFast aims to set a new standard in the automotive industry for customer satisfaction through continuously improving technology and focusing on attention to detail, as well as intentional design across all of its vehicles. This commitment illustrates how VinFast is closely and actively listening to its customers to make certain their cars are equipped for an enjoyable drive not only today but also for the road ahead.

Andrew Mitchell, [email protected]
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