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The International Kava Organization (IKO) Steps onto the Global Stage: Bridging Tradition, Science, and Advocacy for Kava

Wednesday, 25 October 2023 01:00 PM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 25, 2023 / Today marks a pivotal moment for the kava community as the International Kava Organization (IKO) officially amplifies its global presence. As the pioneering authority and industry association for kava, IKO is poised to become the nexus between kava's rich cultural traditions, the latest scientific findings, and advocacy for its responsible consumption. Kava, a traditional beverage revered in the South Pacific, is made from the roots of Piper methysticum. Historically, kava has been celebrated not only for its relaxing properties but also as a cornerstone of communal gatherings and ceremonies. Beyond its cultural significance, kava offers a unique blend of relaxation and sociability, with its consumption serving as a testament to the harmonious blend of age-old practices and modern appreciation.

The International Kava Organization (IKO) Announces it's presence on the world stage.
The International Kava Organization (IKO) unites kava enthusiasts, advocates, and industry players for a sustainable and globally accepted kava industry.

The IKO's vision reflects this delicate balance. Rooted in the belief that kava's rich cultural heritage should be celebrated, its diverse benefits universally acknowledged, and its consumption held as a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition and science, IKO is on a mission to ensure that kava is understood, respected, and enjoyed on a global scale.

"Kava is more than a beverage; it's a celebration of a rich cultural legacy, a nod to ancient traditions, and, with the latest research, a promise of a range of benefits. Our aim at IKO is to ensure that this legacy is not just preserved but thrives," said Jimmy Price, president of IKO and owner of dedicated online kava community Kava Forums.

Supporting this vision, industry leaders such as Kalm with Kava and kava industry startups like Kavahana have partnered with IKO. Morgan Smith, CEO at Kalm with Kava stated, "Our collaboration with the IKO reflects our confidence in the future of kava. We are poised to bring the spirit of kava to international audiences, and together, we are committed to doing it the right way." Kavahana, the first kava-only bar in Los Angeles, echoed this sentiment. Hannah Wilen and Neil Bhatia, co-founders of Kavahana, remarked, "Kava has the power to connect people. Through IKO, we aim to extend this connection globally."

Kava, grown sustainably in a family farm in the Pacific Islands

Adding to this rich tapestry of support is the expertise of distinguished kava scientists such as Ed Johnston, who runs the Association for Hawaiian 'Awa. He shared, "The true potential of kava lies in understanding its roots, both literal and cultural. My collaboration with IKO focuses on merging traditional knowledge with rigorous scientific research to ensure that the story of kava is told in its entirety."

IKO's commitment does not end with championing kava's legacy. The organization is deeply invested in promoting responsible kava consumption, ensuring quality and safety, fostering scientific research, and crafting a future where kava's traditions and potential are both revered and explored. The kava community stands united, drawing strength from its deep cultural roots and economic impact. "Kava is not just a cornerstone of our heritage in Fiji; it's a burgeoning segment of our economy, empowering rural farmers," said Mark Simpson, a Fijian kava farmer. "While we take pride in cultivating high-quality kava, its journey beyond our borders falls out of our hands. The IKO represents hope, providing a global voice for farmers and ensuring our product is respected internationally."

Unity and collaboration define the kava industry's global ethos, a point stressed by Michael Louzè of the Vanuatu Kava Industry Association. "We have a very successful industry, and today all the actors of the value chain are enjoying the fruit of this success, from farmers in remote Pacific islands to kava bars in New York City," Louzè observes, highlighting the shared prosperity. However, he acknowledges the growing challenges as the market expands, underscoring the necessity of a unified front. "It's paramount that we-farmers, processors, scientists, importers, and consumers-stand united," he asserts. Within this context of mutual success and forthcoming challenges, the IKO emerges as a vital bridge, seamlessly connecting diverse stakeholders to collectively steer the burgeoning kava market toward sustainable success.

By fostering international cooperation, the International Kava Organization aims to safeguard the integrity of kava, advocating for standardized regulations, quality control, and a global community where knowledge and respect for this cultural emblem are paramount.

To become a part of this global kava movement or to explore the vast resources that IKO offers, please visit

About The International Kava Organization:

The International Kava Organization is a non-profit organization dedicated to the holistic advancement of kava, and the foremost authority and industry association for kava. Striving to unite tradition with innovation, IKO is the torchbearer for kava's past, present, and future on the global stage.

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SOURCE: International Kava Organization

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