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Gradient Biomodeling Announces Collaboration Agreement to Advance Discovery of New Antivirals for Neglected Tropical Diseases

Tuesday, 24 October 2023 09:00 AM

MZ North America

PARK CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / October 24, 2023 / Gradient Biomodeling LLC, a pioneer in the use of quantum biomodeling and machine learning as a deep-knowledge computational platform for molecular interactions and pathways, today announced a collaboration agreement with Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, part of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, to advance the discovery of new treatments for neglected diseases.

Billions of people in impoverished and underserved communities are affected by neglected tropical diseases, with chronic underfunding compounding the problem (e.g., Since traditional drug development methods make targeting these diseases economically impractical, efficient technologies are needed. Gradient's technology is ideally suited for developing drugs against conventionally hard-to-drug targets that influence a vast range of human diseases. More importantly, Gradient can identify and design new chemical entities much faster and for a fraction of the cost of comparable industry drug discovery efforts.

The collaboration will leverage Gradient Biomodeling's expertise in quantum modeling and Janssen's drug development capabilities to identify and develop new antivirals for the treatment or prevention of these diseases. In this context, Gradient Biomodeling will identify and screen for potential novel therapeutic candidates and Janssen will then take these candidates further through the discovery pipeline, including preclinical testing.

"Our collaboration with Janssen allows us to combine our expertise and resources to make a real difference in the lives of people affected by neglected diseases," said Dr. Martin Martinov, CEO and Founder of Gradient Biomodeling. "Chemical structure alone does not provide adequate description of molecular interactions, which are quantum in nature. We have developed proprietary, rigorous, easily computable quantum representations of molecules. By leveraging our unique theoretical approaches to model molecular interactions at the quantum level, we make it economically feasible and attractive to go after neglected tropical diseases, which are often considered too costly and risky for investment."

About Gradient Biomodeling

Gradient Biomodeling is a pioneer in the use of machinelearning as a deep-knowledge platform for drug discovery. Focused on theoretically rigorous representations of molecular interaction, Gradient Biomodeling has a strong track record of success in early preclinical drug design, discovery and repurposing, and the company is committed to addressing diverse disease indications, especially neglected. For more information visit


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SOURCE: MZ North America

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