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The Little Red Dog Nonprofit on the Brink of Closure Amid Mounting Challenges

Tuesday, 03 October 2023 07:00 AM

The Little Red Dog, Inc.

Lifesaving Work of Local Orange County-Based The Little Red Dog, Inc. is in Danger

LAKE FOREST, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 3, 2023 / The Little Red Dog Inc. (TLRD), a hope for thousands of dogs over the past 12 years, stands at a precarious crossroads. Steve McClain, the organization's CFO and Alpha Dog, revealed, "Our rescue, known for its resilience and compassion, is now grappling with an unsustainable situation: a dramatic surge in homeless dogs, escalating vet care expenses, and a concerning drop in donations and adoptions."

Carlo & Rebel
Carlo & Rebel

TLRD has worked hard to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs. The organization's commitment is evident in the over 5,000 animals saved and the community outreach initiatives it sponsors: from medical clinics to housing dogs for those displaced.

However, as PJ Rosch, founder, CEO and Top Dog, indicates, the landscape for animal rescues has shifted dramatically post-pandemic. "Shelters are overflowing. More dogs are being surrendered, and the unfortunate result is an increase in euthanizations. TLRD rescues 600 dogs each year, more than most rescues in California, crushing our resources. We have given our all. We didn't want to admit we were in trouble, but we see other rescues closing and don't want that to happen to us, so we decided to reach out for help."

The key challenges include:

  • Vet care has increased 35%-50% since 2019; dogs with medical needs are a huge cost
  • A major drop in donations; they are the cornerstone of rescue operations

"In the last 24 months, there's been a huge reduction," Rosch emphasizes. "Unlike shelters, we receive no government support. We must raise every penny."

This dire situation necessitates a collective response. McClain urges, "We've consistently stepped in, rescuing over 600+ dogs annually. But if we're forced to shutter, who fills that void? We're stretched to our limit."

TLRD is seeking assistance. Monetary donations are crucial. You can help by donating online with this link HERE, and the organization has an Amazon Wish List for those who wish to contribute essential items here. With California's disheartening rank of second in the nation for euthanasia, TLRD also stresses the need for adoption. Rosch notes, "Like other rescues, our adoption rates have dipped since 2019, but the need has only grown." Additionally, TLRD, seeking foster homes for over 50 dogs currently in boarding, is encouraging the community to foster if they are serious about making an impact.

TLRD believes that corporate responsibility can play a significant role in its mission. Partnerships with businesses can lead to transformative change. McClain adds, "Businesses can lead by example, championing our cause. Our loyal community has and will support companies that stand with TLRD."

Concluding, Rosch passionately states, "We've faced adversity before, but none like this. We implore both local and global communities to rally. Only together can we ensure that The Little Red Dog remains a hope for the most vulnerable animals. Without you, our mission from dog is at risk."

Contact Information
PJ Rosch
Founder, CEO & Top Dog
[email protected]

SOURCE: The Little Red Dog, Inc.

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