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A New Fashion Forms with Foreigners "Walking on the Streets of Chengdu" is Underway

Tuesday, 03 October 2023 05:30 AM

CHENGDU, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / October 3, 2023 / This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival in China coincides with the National Day holiday. Global Publish co-launches "Walking on the Streets of Chengdu", which contains colorful festival activities, inviting tourists to stroll on the streets of Chengdu and experience the colorful lifestyle of Chengdu.

Experience Hanfu culture and favor to walk on the streets of Chengdu.

Embroider flowers, set off lanterns to pray for blessings, and worship the "Moon God" ... Recently, 24-year-old Jin Daiyu was busy with her friends to participate in the activity of "In Ziwei, Nishang and Dancing with Taxus Shadows".

Jin Daiyu (second from right) and her friends are taking photos with Chinese girls dressed in Hanfu, holding moon lanterns made by themselves. Photographed by Tongzilin Community, Wuhou District, Chengdu

Jin Daiyu, who has been studying in Chengdu for three years, comes from Sri Lanka and is a student of Sichuan University. "Hanfu is very China-like. We closely experienced the traditional ceremonies and dance performances in ancient China, which was very beautiful." She said.

"There are many parks in Chengdu, and I especially like to take a walk on weekends." In Jin Daiyu's view, the traffic in Chengdu is very convenient. Usually, she likes to ride a bike or take a walk in Tianfu Greenway on weekends, drink tea and bask in the sun in a leisurely way, and experience the leisurely and slow life in Chengdu.

Jin Daiyu believes that the Mid-Autumn Festival symbolizes happiness and reunion, which is similar to the traditional festivals in Sri Lanka and represents people's good wishes. She plans to watch the full moon with her friends in Hejiang Pavilion in Chengdu, and also wants to participate in Chengdu Hanfu Week "Clothes Come from Jinguancheng", which is held in Wenshufang.

Experience Chengdu's intangible cultural heritage and record at "Citywalk" roaming line.

In China Shadow Play Museum, Chengdu Museum, Francesca bent down and studied each shadow play cultural relic carefully. Francesca, who has lived in Chengdu for five years, is from Italy. She speaks fluent Chinese, likes boxing in her spare times, and likes to know and experience various traditional cultural activities in China. Shadow play is one of them.

Francesca is learning shadow play from Zhao Hong, the inheritor of Chengdu Shadow Play (Photographed by Ren Xu)

"The world of shadow play is colorful. I like these shadow plays very much. They look quaint but bright and gorgeous, with local characteristics." She said that she had also made a special trip to Chengdu Shadow Play Art Museum in Dujiangyan City to visit Zhao Hong, an expert of Chengdu Shadow Play, and learn the knowledge of shadow play.

"I hope my shadow play can combine the art of Chinese culture and Italian art well, so I use some Italian favorite colors and patterns, such as flowers and bees, in the choice of colors." She said.

Francesca plans to go to parks and cafes with Chengdu charm and experience the fireworks in the streets and lanes of Wangping Street during the two festivals.

With the increasing charm and temperament of Chengdu, more and more foreigners like Jin Daiyu and Francesca come to Chengdu to study and work. During the double festivals, foreigners are in Chengdu to see cultural relics, learn intangible cultural heritage knowledge, wear Hanfu and visit the night market ... An intense festive atmosphere has quietly integrated into their daily lives, and "walking on the streets of Chengdu" is becoming a new fashion. (Written by Chen Min)


Huang Yongjian
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Global Publish

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