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Satya Therapeutics Provides Business Update on Psilocybin Service Center and Psilocybin Manufacturing Operations

Saturday, 30 September 2023 02:55 PM

ASHLAND, OR / ACCESSWIRE / September 30, 2023 / Satya Therapeutics (the Company) is pleased to announce a business update for its psilocybin Service Center and Psilocybin Manufacturing Operations.

Satya Therapeutics Psilocybin Service Center "Soft Opening" Update

On July 17 the Company started seeing clients at its Ashland-based psilocybin service center. To date, sixty-four (64) clients received psilocybin services. Clients that have received services are reporting "transformational" experiences. These transformations include the elimination of anxiety, reduction in depression symptoms, and improvements in social relationships through deeper connection. Andreas Met--CEO and Co-founder--states, "The work facilitators are doing is phenomenal. The Company currently has ten facilitators working with clients. Clients find it very easy to schedule their sessions because we do not have a wait list. It is our goal to reach out to every inquiry in-person within hours of first contact. Clients really appreciate the speed at which we respond, and the personal touch we have." Jennifer Met, co-founder, said "People are coming from all over the world to see us and it has been amazing to see their transformations. These services placing people on their journey to wellness."

Satya Therapeutics and Myco-Method Complete Oregon's First Psilocybin Based Practicum Training

The company--in close partnership with Myco-Method (part of Saba Cooperative), a psilocybin facilitator training program-accomplished a huge milestone by completing psilocybin-based practicum-a first ever for Oregon. Four Myco-Method students completed 40 hours of practicum, observing clients and journeying themselves. Practicum work is the capstone of all facilitator training programs. Andreas Met commented, "We're really grateful to be able to continue leading the psilocybin services industry in Oregon by offering psilocybin-based practicum. To date, psilocybin training programs have been using alternative methods for practicum (e.g. breathwork) to simulate psilocybin experiences. Conducting training using psilocybin is a big step forward. It ensures that facilitators-to-be have received training in a service center environment, with real clients, under the Oregon Health Authority's regulations and compliance framework. We believe all facilitator training programs should offer psilocybin-based practicum to their students, and the Company is prepared to offer the opportunity to any facilitator training program that is interested to do so."

Andreas Met Receives Psilocybin Facilitator License

The Company is pleased to announce that Andreas Met received his facilitator license in September. Mr. Met has begun seeing clients himself. Mr. Met commented, "I'm so excited to see, and help, clients on their journey to wellness. I've made it a goal to make these services available to all people. I look forward to making opportunities for clients to be able to receive services at our service center for $1,250 or less. By taking a leadership role in personally making the services affordable, we will see prices come down over time."

Go Fund Me Initiated to Serve People in Need

Andreas Met started a Go Fund Me initiative in September to enable people from all walks of life to receive psilocybin services. At the present time the cost of services is very high in Oregon, between $1,800 and $3,200. This does not include the cost of travel, hotels, and time spent away from work. High costs prevent people from disadvantaged communities from receiving services. Funds raised will be used to make the cost to the client as close to zero as possible. Mr. Met said, "Satya Therapeutics already have a low-cost structure in place to make services more affordable. Our room rental rates are half the price of other psilocybin service centers. We grow our own psilocybin mushrooms and pass the savings onward to clients. Facilitation costs are a variable we cannot control. By raising money to subsidize facilitation costs, we will make our services even more affordable." Continuing, Mr. Met said, "We've already provided discounts to clients in-need as part of our State-approved Social Equity Program. As a start-up company, we don't have the resources to scale social equity like we want. This Go Fund Me can turbo-charge our social equity activity. I'm excited to see how many people we can help transform their lives."

The Company plans to make all use of proceeds transparent as part per the requirements mandated by the Oregon Health Authority.


Satya Therapeutics (Satya Inc.) is a growth-oriented company focused on psilocybin-based opportunities that benefit from a diverse ecosystem and exceptional leadership. Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Medford, Oregon, the Company intends to become a global leader in the psychedelic treatment space. Satya Therapeutics is the only company in Oregon that holds a psilocybin manufacturing, psilocybin service center, and psilocybin facilitation licenses.

For more information about Satya Inc. contact:

Andreas Met, CEO
541-930-2478 or
[email protected]


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