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Lithium Lane: Recently Nasdaq Uplisted Company (NASDAQ: FMST) Is Helping Develop American Energy Independence By Strengthening The Domestic Supply Chain For A Critical Resource

Wednesday, 27 September 2023 09:00 AM

Foremost Lithium

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / September 27, 2023 / As the world doubles down on its commitment to renewable energy and sustainability, lithium is taking center stage. Fast becoming known as "white gold," this essential element fuels more than just our smartphones. It provides a powerful backbone to electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, and various other green technologies.

As we move toward a more sustainable future, the demand for ethical and efficient lithium production will likely accelerate significantly. Within this burgeoning industry, Foremost Lithium Resource & Technology (NASDAQ:FMST) (CSE:FAT) is among those uniquely positioned to take advantage of both market demands and the evolving regulatory landscape.

A History Of Proactive Investments

Foremost Lithium broke ground in the lithium industry as early as 2016 by optioning the right to an 189-acre parcel in the mining-friendly district of Snow Lake, Manitoba. Over time, this land grew into the Zoro Project, which now covers 8,800 acres and includes 16 areas rich in lithium spodumene, a key mineral for lithium extraction. In exploring this area, the company has drilled over 10,000 meters and invested more than CA$6.5 million.

Since then, Foremost Lithium reports it has increased its holdings by 500% and has invested over CA$10 million. Today, it manages over 43,000 acres, including Jean Lake, Peg North and Grass River Projects. These, along with Zoro, are collectively referred to as the "Lithium Lane Properties." Along with another project in Quebec, Lac Simard South, Foremost Lithium's total land amounts to nearly 55,000 acres.

High-Caliber Resources

Foremost specializes in a higher quality hard-rock lithium exploration, which can be extracted quicker and with a more consistent yield than its brine counterpart. This focus enables the company to play a critical role in the production of ethically sourced, battery-grade lithium hydroxide.

In 2018, Foremost announced an inferred mineral resource on Dyke 1 on Zoro of over 1 million tonnes in situ with a grade of 0.91% Li2O. Notably, this single dyke, converted to lithium carbonate, could yield enough material to manufacture 400,000 Tesla Inc. car batteries.

With additional drilling planned, Foremost aims to identify more substantial resources with the potential to further enhance its market value.

Dovetailing Tailwinds

In terms of global market momentum, strategic logistics and policy frameworks, Foremost may just have perfect timing.

A recent report by Grand View Research estimates that, by 2030, the global lithium-ion battery market will be worth $182.53 billion. Driven by the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) stringent anti-pollution policies, which aim for electric cars to constitute up to 67% of new passenger vehicle sales by 2032, demand could be poised to skyrocket.

Furthermore, Foremost Lithium's operations are within 20 miles of the Hudson Bay Railway lines, connecting the mines to the North American auto industry with a near-negligible carbon footprint - making it an attractive source for offtake agreements with electric vehicle and lithium-battery manufacturers.

Finally, the Inflation Reduction Act further elevates the need for a secure domestic lithium supply. The Act provides consumers with up to $7,500 in credits for certain new clean vehicles that include 40% of critical minerals in batteries extracted in the U.S. or its free trade partners like Canada. This percentage accelerates to 80% by 2027.

Since the Act, $45 billion in private-sector investment has poured into the U.S. clean vehicle and battery supply chain. These tailwinds dovetail with Foremost's plans for strategic partnerships in the global electric vehicle and battery storage market.

First & Foremost

Foremost Lithium isn't another company joining the lithium bandwagon - it's been pioneering the space since 2016.

The company's recent uplisting to the Nasdaq is yet another testament to its progress over the years. Moreover, the company's strategic choices and growth trajectory have meaningfully aligned it with market trends and evolving policy frameworks.

As the demand for lithium continues to rise, driven by both technological needs and regulatory changes, Foremost Lithium's activities and objectives offer a case study of the role proactive industry engagement plays in long-term growth potential.

Featured image by Finnrish from Pixabay.


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