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Revolutionizing Fire Safety: Sparx Holdings Group, Inc. Innovates to Overcome Traditional Fire Sprinkler Limitations

Wednesday, 27 September 2023 05:00 AM

Sparx Holdings Group, Inc.

CRANSTON, RI / ACCESSWIRE / September 27, 2023 / Sparx Holdings Group, Inc. (OTC PINK:SHGI), a fire protection technology, believes its technology will allow it to gain a market share of the multibillion-dollar fire sprinkler industry.

According to Straits Research, the fire sprinkler market size is projected to reach USD 22.26 billion by the year 2030. Currently, most warehouses and commercial spaces employ link or bulb type sprinkler heads. Both types of sprinkler heads operate independently and are triggered by heat which activates a single sprinkler unit, allowing water to then flow through a unit in the event of a fire. These types of sprinklers, however, have their limitations, which may decrease response time or effectiveness to respond to a fire hazard.

Both bulb and link type sprinklers rely predominantly on one factor to trigger the flow of water, temperature. This can sometimes cause problems as these systems may be slow to trigger and may not reach a temperature threshold to activate despite a fire hazard present. Particularly, these shortcomings may be most evident in buildings with tall ceiling heights, intricate architectural designs, dense storage arrangements, and the storage of hazardous commodities.

Sparx Holdings Group, Inc. intends to solve this problem with the technology it has developed to work with existing bulb and link type sprinkler heads. Its Sparx™ Smart Sprinkler System contains sensing unit(s) that fit over link or bulb style sprinkler heads and can gather additional environmental points of information such as, but not limited to, temperature differentials, fixed temperature thresholds, elevated levels of CO2, flame presence, and smoke presence. In the event a Sparx unit determines there is a fire hazard, it can manually override a bulb or link type sprinkler, forcing it open resulting in the flow of water to fight a fire hazard. Moreover, the sensing units, which make up part of the Sparx Holdings Group, Inc.'s Sparx™ Smart Sprinkler System, can wirelessly communicate with one another, allowing them to target the base of a fire with intent and accuracy.

Currently, Sparx Holdings Group, Inc. is diligently working on its Commissioning Tool and the Base Station, "Hub", that will serve as the central communication within the Sparx™ Smart Sprinkler System. The sensing units themselves have been tested, function properly, and in bench testing have proved to have a quicker response time to a fire or smoke incident than traditional systems acting alone. See here for a video of the sensing unit in action:

The Sparx™ "Hub" may potentially take the form of a wall-mounted touch screen unit. Currently, efforts continue to be focused on completion of the "Hub" and "Commissioning Tool" to allow the flow of information within the system.

Sparx Holdings Group, Inc.'s Chief Executive Officer, Cassandra DeNunzio continues to lead development of the Sparx™ Smart Sprinkler System. Cassandra DeNunzio has vast experience in the research and development of fire suppression technology and has been named as inventor on several patents.

Prior to earning her Master of Science degree in Electrical engineering (MSEE) from Columbia University, and her Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) from Arkansas State University, Cassandra DeNunzio graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire where she was awarded a full merit-based scholarship.

As the Company moves forward, Sparx Holdings Group, Inc. envisions further refinements to the Sparx™ Smart Sprinkler System. Upon completion and additional bench testing of components, it is planned to conduct large scale testing and safety assessments essential to bring the product to market. Precise timelines for large scale testing are challenging to predict at this stage due to the ongoing development phase.

Sparx Holdings Group, Inc. extends an open invitation to everyone interested in learning more about our company and its endeavors. Please explore further below:

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