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Covia’s Commitment to Water Conservation

Thursday, 21 September 2023 03:10 PM

NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / September 21, 2023 / Covia

The commitment to responsible water stewardship is shared across our organization. In 2022, our facilities continued to leverage new technologies and innovative conservation strategies to help reduce our consumption, preserve local water supplies, and improve water quality.

Seeing an opportunity to better conserve water on site, our Crane, Texas, plant took action to safeguard the local water supply. The plant, located in a water-stressed area, introduced dewatering agents into its process to allow water to be released more quickly from the sand and to prevent excess water loss. As a result, Crane now recycles approximately 97% of water used in its operations.

Team Members at our Canoitas, Coahuila, plant contributed to our water conservation efforts by investing in new technology to improve access to real-time water use data, as well as installing a new piping system to enhance recycling capabilities.

At our Zacatlán, Puebla, mine, we maintain two surface-water systems, providing 800 local residents with access to clean water. Additionally, in partnership with the Zacatlán Municipal Government, the State Government of Puebla, the National Forestry Commission, and the Drinking Water Operating System, we are committed to reforesting by planting more than one million trees over the next three years in aquifer recharge areas to increase the supply of groundwater to the region.

Our Dividing Creek, New Jersey, site added a water line to its crude bin storage facility, which directs excess water for immediate reuse in the plant, resulting in less fresh water required. The site, in partnership with the local municipality, also helped remove a dam located in a local waterway, returning the stream to the Delaware Bay Watershed and restoring the Maurice River Bluffs to its natural condition.

Water conservation remains a particularly high priority for us given its importance to our local communities and the water intensive nature of our operations. For more information about Covia's water conservation objectives, visit our 2022 ESG Report.

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