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LocalizeOS Patents Proprietary Technology that Predicts Home Buyer's Propensity to Transact

Thursday, 21 September 2023 13:00


The AI-powered real estate tech company is enabling agents to excel at beyond human scale and intelligence.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 21, 2023 / LocalizeOS, a cutting-edge AI-powered real estate tech firm, is proud to announce the successful patenting of their proprietary technology which transforms how real estate agents and brokerages communicate and nurture leads. The newly patented tech-which was secured in the summer of 2023-has the innovative capability to predict the likelihood that a prospective client will buy, sell, rent, lease, or finance a home, as well as whether they will need real estate-related legal services, purchase home insurance, require a loan, get a mortgage, title escrow, or any combination of the listed activities.

The invention is part of LocalizeOS' existing technology, LocalizeAI, a conversational AI engine-named hunter by LocalizeOS® that proactively engages, nurtures, and qualifies leads at scale via SMS text 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The tech uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to analyze the digital interactions of a lead in order to predict future behavior. When a prospective home buyer views, clicks, or reacts to a message from hunter by LocalizeOS®, the technology classifies the lead based on their probability to purchase a home. The technology analyzes client characteristics (e.g. family status and socioeconomic status) and digital interactions (e.g. browsing history, clicks, text, voice message) to determine whether they're likely to take a real-estate-related action.

Erez Yakoel, VP of R&D at LocalizeOS

Erez Yakoel, Vice President of Research & Development at LocalizeOS, has been at the forefront of this invention. "We are excited to introduce this pioneering technology that is reshaping how real estate agents and brokerages operate," said Yakoel. "With our technology offering predictive insights into client behavior, we enable agents to focus their time on qualified clients who are most likely to transact. This advancement has the power to immensely impact the scalability and profitability of lead conversion, making the process simpler and more efficient for agents than it has ever been. The results speak for themselves: within the first month of this technology going to market, experienced 36% higher engagements with prospective home buyers."

With headquarters in NYC and a technology innovation hub in Tel-Aviv, LocalizeOS operates in New York City, Chicago, and South Florida, with plans for expansion to more major metros, such as D.C., coming soon. The company's commitment to innovation is evident in its consistent delivery of solutions that streamline real estate operations, enhance customer experiences, and enable scalable solutions in an industry that suffers from inefficiencies with outdated technology and legacy operations.

With this latest technology innovation, LocalizeOS is addressing an ever-pressing challenge faced by real estate agents of today: effectively managing, engaging, and building relationships with hundreds of clients at scale, augmenting the ISA and E-Team work for brokerages and agents.

Speaking with LocalizeOS CEO Omer Granot, "The most successful agents often seem to operate at above human pace. They are able to build meaningful relationships with their clients, have frequent touchpoints, provide contextual, real-time support, and really play the champion part. Their secret is being exceptional humans, amplified by the best tools and technologies out there, said Granot. The rest settle with losing 99% of their potential deals."

About LocalizeOS:

Founded in 2021, with headquarters in NYC, and Tel Aviv, LocalizeOS is an AI-powered Operating System designed specifically for the residential real estate industry. Our suite of products, including LocalizeAI, LocalizeBI, LocalizeMarketplace, and LocalizeHQ, empower brokerages and teams to achieve scalable success. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, LocalizeOS offers proactive AI tools that optimize brokerage operations and give brokerages a first-mover advantage, effectively connecting agents with qualified buyers ready to transact on a level that surpasses human capabilities. LocalizeOS currently operates in NYC, Chicago, and South Florida with national expansion coming soon. You. Amplified.

Media Contact:

Julie O'Hara
Vice President Marketing
[email protected]

SOURCE: LocalizeOS

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