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HackerNoon COO Linh Dao Smooke to Meet Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh to Discuss Software and Semiconductor Workforce Planning

Thursday, 21 September 2023 09:00 AM


Ms. Linh Dao Smooke is to provide strategic insights to help shape Vietnam's near-term policies in the new digital economy in response to the US-Vietnam comprehensive strategic partnership.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 21, 2023 / Minister Linh Dao Smooke, Co-founder and COO of HackerNoon, the Colorado-based independent tech publishing platform, has been invited to a private round-table discussion with Vietnam's Minister for Planning and Investment, Nguyen Chi Dung, and to present to Vietnam's Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, on Friday, September 22nd in New York, NY.

Linh Dao Smooke
Linh Dao Smooke
Linh Dao Smooke to discuss Vietnam's workforce and digital readiness with Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh.

Alongside prominent Vietnamese tech and business leaders based in the United States, Ms. Linh Dao Smooke is to provide strategic insights to help shape Vietnam's near-term policies in the new digital economy in response to the US-Vietnam comprehensive strategic partnership following President Joe Biden's recent visit to Vietnam.

Among the key focal points of this partnership is technology transfer, with a notable emphasis on the software, AI, and computing sectors. Consequently, Prime Minister Chinh is keen on harnessing the wisdom of tech leaders of Vietnamese descent in the US to chart a course for Vietnam's future in these tech-driven industries.

Hosted by VietChallenge, an accelerator for Vietnamese startups, the meetings coincide with Prime Minister Chinh's visit to the United States to attend the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Summit in NYC. Other presenters at this private event are Clearview AI CEO Ton That Hoan, IBM Research Scientist Nam Nguyen, Republic CEO Kendrick Nguyen, and bestselling author / Arsenal Capital Partner John Mattison.

"I'm honored to join this event. Specifically, I'm curious about Prime Minster Chinh and Minister Dung's plan to significantly train up the Vietnamese workforce in the semiconductor business. It all starts with education, in my opinion", said Ms. Linh Dao Smooke in preparation for the event.

Linh's Insights: Charting the Path to Technological Advancement and Education Reform

As the leader of HackerNoon and a leader in the Vietnamese education space prior to HackerNoon, Ms. Smooke will specifically advise Prime Minister Chinh and Minister Dung on strategies to develop Vietnam's workforce in software development and the country's digital readiness for the new digital economy. A transcript of Ms. Smooke's remarks will be available post-event. Here is the rough outline of her planned remarks to the Prime Minister and his delegation:

  1. Investing in Human Capital and Education
  2. The Democratization of Education
  3. AI and its Impact on Labor & Workforce
  4. Investment in Chip-Making Capabilities

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