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Products of Innovation, L.L.C. is Seeking a Buyer for its Waterhoop Irrigation Sprinkler Brand. Are you the Right Person or Company to Elevate this National Brand to its Full Potential?

Tuesday, 26 September 2023 06:42 AM

KANSAS CITY, MO / ACCESSWIRE / September 26, 2023 / Products of Innovation, L.L.C. (KCMO) manufactures and markets our own patented product called "Waterhoop". We are looking for a buyer for our Waterhoop brand, including patent, trademark, manufacturing equipment and other additional assets. We present a fantastic opportunity that is potentially very lucrative for the right person or company. The lawn and garden market is huge and the Waterhoop has carved out a space for itself in this niche market.

The Waterhoop is positioned to further penetrate this market under the guidance of the right person or company with the resources to bring this product to full fruition. There are tens of thousands of lawn and garden retailers and nurseries in the U.S. selling ornamental trees, saplings, shrubs and garden tools.

You can be the person or company that takes the Waterhoop to the next level and cash in on previous work accomplished. This is an exciting offering to become owner of a new national brand for a reasonable investment. With the proper resources applied and considering the size of the lawn and garden industry, Waterhoop has substantial growth potential and is a significant money-making opportunity.

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About Products of Innovation

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Products of Innovation produces and markets their revolutionary new patented watering device Waterhoop. Putting this unique time saving environmentally friendly device in the hands of homeowners is the core of its mission.

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SOURCE: Products of Innovation LLC

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