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IKIN Discloses Novel Lossless Compression Breakthrough

Monday, 18 September 2023 09:15


Large image, video, and data files reduced to easily transported package with exact regeneration on demand

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 18, 2023 / IKIN™, a leading provider of visual technology solutions for businesses and consumers, announced a breakthrough in the lossless compression and regeneration of very large data files, offering extreme economies in transmission and storage. Through its unique application of AI and content analysis, the IKIN process has been proven to perform unprecedented file size reduction utilizing common CPU power found on laptops and mobile devices.

"We approached file structure and content from a very different perspective and created a method to quickly deconstruct visual information into a highly efficient format that is easily transported across mobile networks," said Joe Ward, IKIN co-founder and chief executive officer. "Our initial focus for this technology was on efficient real-time creation and transmission of live holographic interactions utilizing our RYZ™ mobile holographic display. However, the efficiencies we achieved are so astounding, it opens the door to many additional business cases that can benefit from this level of lossless compression."

The IKIN process enables transport of what has historically required huge datafiles in a standardized container-like format of less than 50MB-roughly equivalent in size to a 15-second high-definition video recording captured with a smartphone. The technology enables these packages to cross most wired or wireless networks in the blink of an eye and enable real-time reconstruction of exact duplicates of the original file, image, or information. The compressed files can also be stored and reconstructed on demand, providing substantial efficiency in local storage demands.

With its extremely low latency in the time domain, as well as lossless compression on a scale never before approached, IKIN's technology can also be applied to high-definition streamed video and other information-dense payloads. For example, the compression process can be used for video files to be seamlessly integrated into the back-end of streaming platforms for intelligent predictive compression of framerate data, offering access to far more content options at the endpoint with no disruption to the viewer experience or increased demand on infrastructures.

"To date we have worked with multi-gigabyte video files with no loss of data-enabling perfect reproduction of the original visual experience in a matter of seconds," said Ward. "Our list of possibilities grows daily, and we are always interested in speaking with innovative partners about ways to address market needs. This is the beginning of a new wave of entertainment, engagement, and filesharing that could change how and where information is consumed."

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About IKIN, Inc.

IKIN is an innovator of visual technology that enables customers and partners to offer high-resolution 3D volumetric imaging to businesses and consumers. The company has patented technology that enables solid state holograms to exist in ambient light. IKIN offers its development tools to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and developers looking to utilize holographic displays as a differentiator for vertical market applications. More information on the company's IKIN ARC™ large-format holographic display and its RYZ mobile holographic display are available on IKIN's website.

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