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Want to Own a Social Network? is Giving 80% Stake to Users

Thursday, 14 September 2023 11:05 Inc.

Ownet Allows Users to Monetize Their Social Network

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 14, 2023 / A new social network is making it possible for its social media users to own and monetize their digital footprint. enables its users to own 80% of the value of the network, making it the first social company to be majority owned by users. Users simply need to register and set up a user profile. Users pay nothing for the shares which are to be issued by's parent company, Own Inc. The woman-led tech company headquartered in New York City aims to transform the social media landscape and let users benefit from the data and time they contribute to social media.

Amanda Brilhante,
President of believes major social networks have created an unfair business model. is fixing social networking by providing users their rightful share of the value they contribute. In fact, $628 billion would be held today by users of Facebook if the tech company had used's user-owner model and set aside 80% of its value for users. The value of's 80% stake is correlated with user registration and usage of If millions of users signup to the's concept, advertisers can be expected to follow the users. The value dynamic means the more users sign up for, the greater the value of the user's 80% stake.

The company uses a patent-pending technology that is the basis of its user-owner model. On, users earn 200 shares when they sign up and register, followed by opening an account when the platform is live in 2024. Users will also have a voice in governing the network with a seat on the board of directors. plans to launch the social network in 2024 after a pre-registration period.'s parent company, OWN Inc. completed its IPO on Monday, led by Salomon Brothers Securities, with a valuation of $810 million, assuming exercise of all conversion rights of the IPO securities. OWN sold securities convertible to three shares of class A common stock each with a conversion price of $3.20 per share. The securities trade on State Stox New York (SSNY), a trading market that allows for New York residents to support New York businesses.

Empowering Users

"Users deserve value for their data and time, and is a tool by which users can achieve value," said Amanda Brilhante, Ownet's president and a co-founder. She elaborated, "when you scroll and engage on a legacy social media platform, your information is continuously collected and sold to benefit that network. Ownet's approach has a key difference - one where users get the benefits from their usage. This is a win-win; on Ownet, if you're registered and engaged, you're already gaining."


Today, users can pre-register and reserve their spot on Users earn 200 Class C shares when they set up a profile and begin using's social network.

Find out more, including important notices and disclaimers, at

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