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Lecksis: A Communication and E-commerce Revolution, Coming soon to Smartphones

Thursday, 14 September 2023 14:45

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA / ACCESSWIRE / September 13, 2023 / Lecksis, a groundbreaking platform at the intersection of communication, privacy, and e-commerce, is set to redefine how individuals and businesses interact, trade, and connect.

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Putting Anonymity and Privacy First

Offering unmatched privacy, all communications are fortified with end-to-end encryption, Lecksis ensures only the intended recipients can access messages. Crucially, Lecksis never stores user data.

Lecksis also features a built-in VPN, offering a secure virtual tunnel for all communications. This means conversations are kept private, and IP addresses remain hidden.

Lecksis' sign-up process also reflects its unwavering commitment to anonymity. You don't need to specify your phone number or e-mail, you can use an alias. You only need to memorise the Seed phrase to recover your password.

Innovative Bot Constructor

Productivity takes centre stage with Lecksis' innovative bot builder. create and customise bots based using templates, automating tasks and processes. Whether streamlining business operations or personal activities, this tool empowers users to achieve more.

A Seamless E-Commerce Experience

Lecksis redefines e-commerce, allowing users to create online stores within the app. Trade products and services directly to users, maintaining the highest standards of security and privacy. The innovative integration of the LEKS token offers seamless transactions and enhances user engagement.

LEKS Token: Beyond Transactions

The LEKS token, built on the Polygon blockchain and integrated into the Lecksis ecosystem, serves a multifaceted role. Beyond facilitating transactions, it rewards content creators, supports voting processes, and manages system functions. Lecksis' built-in wallet allows you to send money via the messenger through LEKS token, creating personalised interactions and meaningful conversations.

AI Assistant

Lecksis introduces a revolutionary AI assistant, designed to enhance daily routines and well-being. From personalised schedules to reminders, tailored meal plans, and workout routines, this assistant is a personal life optimizer. It offers support, guidance, and organisation, tailored to individual needs.

Empowering E-commerce Ventures

Entrepreneurs will be at home with Lecksis. The platform's in-app website and store builder enable users to create and customise online stores, accept crypto payments, and offer subscription services. Lecksis supports dreamers, providing the tools to build, refine, and grow online businesses.


For Media Inquiries

Instagram: @lecksis_official
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Telegram: @lecksis

About Lecksis:

Lecksis is an innovative platform that merges secure communication, anonymous messaging, AI assistance, and cryptocurrency integration. With an emphasis on privacy and user empowerment, Lecksis offers a unique environment where individuals and businesses can connect, trade, and thrive.


Natalia Moroz
[email protected]

SOURCE: Lecksis

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