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Tenon Medical(R) Announces Expanded Physician Use of New JIB Instrument Kit for Company’s Catamaran(R) SI Joint Fusion System

Wednesday, 13 September 2023 08:05

Tenon Medical, Inc.

Mark H. Stouffer, MD and team from Zion Surgery Center successfully perform multiple Catamaran cases with JIB Instrument Kit in St George, UT

The JIB Kit is a next generation instrument set utilized to implant the Company's Catamaran Fixation Device during a SI Joint fusion procedure

LOS GATOS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 13, 2023 / Tenon Medical®, Inc. ("Tenon" or the "Company") (NASDAQ:TNON), a company transforming care for patients suffering with certain sacroiliac joint (SI Joint) disorders, today announced the expanded use of the Company's new JIB instrument kit to targeted physicians and centers as the introductory launch progresses. Utilizing the new JIB kit, Mark H. Stouffer, MD, an orthopedic spine surgeon from St. George Orthopedic Spine in St. George, UT successfully treated five patients with the Catamaran fixation device at Zion Surgery Center on September 11, 2023. Dr. Stouffer has been using the Catamaran SI Joint System and implant since February 2022 and is one the leading experts in its use.

The JIB Kit is a next generation instrument set utilized to implant the Company's Catamaran Fixation Device during a SI Joint fusion procedure. The JIB Kit is used with the current Catamaran instrument tray for accessing the implant site, implant delivery, and expediting bone graft removal and insertion into the Catamaran implant. The JIB Kit incorporates physician feedback gained from early surgeries that delivers a lower profile access portal designed to enhance stability and tools for improved graft handling.

"What is most impressive to me with the new JIB instrument kit is the lower profile of the new access portal which enhances the minimally invasive nature of the procedure for the patient," states Mark Stouffer, MD. "To date my patients have experienced positive outcomes with the Catamaran fixation device for their SI joint disorders. These new instrument upgrades as well as the transfixing design of the Catamaran implant continue to provide a simple yet innovative option to stabilize and potentially fuse the SI joint."

"We are appreciative of Dr. Stouffer and the team at Zion Surgery Center for being a part of the early launch of our new JIB instrument kit," commented Steven M. Foster, President and CEO of Tenon Medical. "It is always satisfying to hear positive feedback from our physician customers as we bring new innovations to market. We will relentlessly pursue refinement with the guidance of our physician advisors and look forward to expanding the use of this new JIB instrument kit."

About Tenon Medical, Inc.

Tenon Medical, Inc., a medical device company formed in 2012, has developed The Catamaran SI Joint Fusion System that offers a novel, less invasive approach to the SI joint using a single, robust titanium implant. The system features the Catamaran™ Fixation Device which passes through both the axial and sagittal planes of the ilium and sacrum, stabilizing and transfixing the SI Joint along its longitudinal axis. The angle and trajectory of the Catamaran surgical approach is also designed to provide a pathway away from critical neural and vascular structures and into the strongest cortical bone. Since the national launch of the Catamaran SI Joint Fusion System in October 2022 Tenon is focused on three commercial opportunities with its System in the SI Joint market which includes: 1) Primary SI Joint procedures, 2) Revision procedures of failed SI Joint implants and 3) SI Joint fusion adjunct to a spine fusion construct. For more information, please visit

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