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With the Launch of its “Fresh” Mouthpiece for Sanitary Cones, PuffPullPass Eliminates Worry from Group Smoking

Tuesday, 19 September 2023 11:27

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / September 12, 2023 // PuffPullPass, a new way to share the smoking experience, has launched a shareable mouthpiece for pre-roll cannabis smokers. The proprietary, patent-pending design allows up to five people to consume the same cone without "touching lips" and is available for order on the company's website.

PuffPullPass: making group smoking sessions enjoyable again

The innovation of PuffPullPass solves a longstanding problem in the pre-roll industry: how to share joints with friends, family members, and strangers while maintaining hygienic standards. While cannabis smoking is a popular pastime for many, enthusiasts have often grappled with the discomfort of being handed a joint with a wet or compromised mouthpiece. This, in turn, reduces their enjoyment, as they must find a way to either diplomatically refuse to share or do so despite their concerns.

The mission of PuffPullPass is to make consuming and sharing quick, easy, and enjoyable by providing a "fresh" mouthpiece and avoiding "wet" or less-than-perfect sanitary cones. It has innovated a simple twist-and-pull process that results in a new, clean mouthpiece for each user, eliminating any worry or distaste during group smoking sessions. Without the need to wipe off the mouthpiece, everyone can share a pre-roll cone and enjoy consumption.

The developers at PuffPullPass hope that by ridding group smoke sessions of any awkwardness, joint lovers will be able to simply focus on bonding with each other. With one product, they aim to empower a community of people who value hygiene, comfort, and deeper connections.

PuffPullPass is currently working with distributors to introduce its shareable mouthpiece to markets across the United States and Canada. The company invites all cannabis enthusiasts to follow its journey on its website and social media channels and to join it in its mission to make sharing joints a worry-free, pleasurable experience for all.

About PuffPullPass

PuffPullPass is changing how pre-rolls are shared in groups with its shareable mouthpiece. Between 2-5 cannabis smokers can consume the same cone without sharing the same mouthpiece, making consumption easier than ever. For more information or to place an order, please see the company's website or contact:

Rob Vido
[email protected]

Disclaimer: Puff Pull Pass makes no claims that the product prevents or mitigates diseases.

SOURCE: PuffPullPass

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