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Los Angeles Tattoo Shop to Expand with New Luxury Brand, Apollo Tattoo Studio

Wednesday, 30 August 2023 17:00

SANTA MONICA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 30, 2023 / Los Angeles Tattoo Shop, a tattooing company located in California, has announced plans to expand by launching a new luxury brand: The Apollo Tattoo Studio. The new brand's first location will also be in Santa Monica, California. The company has plans to, over the next several years, expand the new line into a chain of tattoo boutiques, initially in California, and then in other key cities across the US.

 Los Angeles Tattoo Shop, Wednesday, August 30, 2023, Press release picture

The key features of Apollo will be a luxurious ambiance, which differs from traditional street studios. The idea is to create an atmosphere that resembles a hip, modern spa while presenting a team of award-winning, experienced tattoo artists capable of crafting detailed designs that are customized to each client.

Founder and CEO Blue Mason, who has been tattooing for over 15 years, says that he set out to craft a novel brand to disrupt the tattooing industry. "There are multiple reasons why we're launching in Santa Monica," he explains. "Obviously that's where my current business is located, so I'm familiar with the area; but moreso, I'm aware that following the pandemic, numerous commercial properties have stood vacant. This presents a unique opportunity for expanding my business."

He and his team feel that the new location presents a chance for The Apollo Tattoo Studio to gain global visibility, strategically positioning itself to anchor in Santa Monica. This calculated move signifies Apollo's initial phase in developing, assessing, and perfecting a scalable blueprint in the tattoo sector, aiming to emerge as the apex of reliability and supreme artistry internationally.

 Los Angeles Tattoo Shop, Wednesday, August 30, 2023, Press release picture
Founder & CEO Blue Mason

While the US has tens of thousands of tattoo parlors, with many more worldwide, a distinct leadership position remains unclaimed in the industry. In addition, solitary tattoo establishments are the norm, without brands or chains. The global market value of the tattoo industry was estimated at USD $1.78 billion in 2022, and Los Angeles Tattoo Shop - through Apollo - seeks to sculpt a legacy in a burgeoning market.

The crucial juncture ahead will revolve around the narrative Apollo Tattoo Studio crafts for its clientele, workforce, and the broader industry. "We're looking for Apollo to become a haven for art enthusiasts," says Mason. "We are fueled by the desire to offer our clients unparalleled experiences that remain etched in their memories for a lifetime. And our ethos is grounded in ensuring that every client feels valued."

Now, he feels, is a prime time to launch this initiative, as the taboo surrounding body art has shifted to a form of self-expression and artistic identity. Along with the launch of The Apollo, Blue Mason has taken to social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok to provide educational and entertaining videos about the process of tattooing, addressing frequently asked questions and demonstrating technique.

"I believe that establishing a strong digital presence is essential as we prepare to launch The Apollo," Mason states. "We hope to establish trust and increase visibility as we prepare for this venture."

The initial location of The Apollo Tattoo Studio will be situated in the heart of Santa Monica and will open within the next 6 months. Mason plans to open three luxury studios under the Apollo brand within the next 5 years.

About Los Angeles Tattoo Shop

Los Angeles Tattoo Shop is a tattoo establishment located in San Monica, California. Founded by Blue Mason, the company offers a range of tattooing services, such as pain-free tattoos, cover-up pieces, minimalist, tribal, watercolor, realism, and specialty vegan ink.


Contact Blue Mason at 818-612-3030

SOURCE: Los Angeles Tattoo Shop

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