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SmartLabs Sets Roadmap for the Future of Science with New, End-to-End R&D Support

Wednesday, 23 August 2023 09:00 AM

New South San Francisco Location Offers CleanSuites, Broadening Scope of Lab Capabilities to Span Early-Stage R&D through Product Commercialization

BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / August 23, 2023 / SmartLabs, which accelerates science through a portfolio of cutting-edge services for laboratory design and operations, today announced total support for end-to-end R&D processes, ending with scale-out manufacturing in the form of its new CleanSuitesTM offering. CleanSuites are now available at SmartLabs' new building at 750 Gateway Boulevard, South San Francisco, Calif., its most advanced facility to date.

According to Boston Consulting Group (BCG), new modalities are a source of growth for the biopharma industry. BCG states in an article: "2021 was the first year that new modalities, rather than conventional small molecules, were responsible for more than half of future projected biopharma revenues. According to our analysis, over the past few years, revenues from new-modality products increased by $60 billion, while revenues from conventional products declined by $10 billion."

750 Gateway marks the sixth SmartLabs location in a major biotech hub, with existing Managed Research Centers in Boston and San Francisco and new centers scheduled to launch in Cambridge and Philadelphia. SmartLabs' dedication to accelerating science of all types translates into scientific support that can cycle through every stage of drug development for any modality, supported by the expertise of industry leaders. By collocating R&D and office infrastructure and resources with related manufacturing, research teams have unprecedented communication and access to research, development, clinical production, and the leading local hospital partners running clinical trials.

Without the CleanSuites solution, companies turn to contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) to manufacture their drugs. This requires the disclosure of intellectual property to the CDMO and brings potential loss of competitive advantage, royalty payments, long upfront planning cycles, and challenges with transferring technical knowledge. The risks of outsourcing manufacturing outweigh the benefits in today's market, and CleanSuites was created to balance the scale.

"SmartLabs has created a solution for an industry that is rapidly changing. Historically, companies have focused on discovering and scaling small molecule and biologics-based technologies. Now, personalized medicine and combination therapies are emerging as an ever-greater share of the drug development pipeline," said Amrit Chaudhuri, CEO and co-founder of SmartLabs. "Companies need the flexibility to adapt in the face of these new technologies and an experienced partner to support their work. SmartLabs offers wraparound programs for every stage of development across modalities. Our new Managed Research Center at 750 Gateway will be our most advanced to date, accelerating the discoveries and development of the Bay Area's cutting-edge scientists."

SmartLabs Provides Unprecedented Value
Today, SmartLabs clients reach clinical trials 8.5 months sooner than companies that do not use SmartLabs. Additionally, privately held SmartLabs clients complete more financing deals and raise more money than other biopharma companies that choose different scientific resourcing solutions-$212 million for SmartLabs clients compared to $79.7 million raised by comparators. For clients at the manufacturing stage, using SmartLabs' CleanSuites solution saves time and money; McKinsey estimates the cost of building a manufacturing facility, even at a small scale, can take 4-5 years and cost between $30-$500 million.

More than 120 clients have selected SmartLabs as their partner, including nearly 30% of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and pioneers in cell and gene therapies, like CRISPR Therapeutics, Editas Medicine, and BlueRock Therapeutics.

About SmartLabs
SmartLabs is reinventing how therapies and medical devices are developed and brought to market through a portfolio of scientific service offerings centered around laboratory design and operations. Employing the most advanced set of laboratory resources in the world, SmartLabs enables programs of all sizes and scales to develop from discovery into clinical trials through one seamless platform. By co-locating R&D facilities with the scale-out manufacturing that results from those programs, SmartLabs facilitates unprecedented communication and access between all players in the biotech R&D and manufacturing space. Clients across the biotech hubs of Greater Boston, South San Francisco, and Philadelphia are able to accelerate timelines while controlling their own science, saving 2-24 months in scale-up time and up to 95% in upfront capital expenditures. For more information, please email [email protected] or visit

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