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EmotiCoin brings Technology, Profit, and People Together through Pioneering Platform.

Friday, 18 August 2023 07:30

EmotiCoin brings technology, profit, and people together through a pioneering protocol.

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / August 18, 2023 / Dubai headquartered digital finance company, EmotiCoin, today launches its new platform to offer cryptocurrency traders and investors a proposition unlike anything currently on the market.

EmotiCoin, Friday, August 18, 2023, Press release picture

Setting EmotiCoin apart from its competitors is its pioneering Reverse Split Protocol - a first for the industry. This protocol is designed to steadily increase the value of its digital asset whilst gradually reducing token supply, with a 20% reverse split scheduled every four hours across a 14-day period.

Unlike other tokens which suffer from dilution over time, this innovative system ensures that holders' investments remain as valuable as ever, if not more so. The Reverse Split Protocol is designed to accumulate the value of partial token supply into a single token, securely increasing the token supply and decreasing the supply to avoid the confusing array of token prices like 0.000000000876 and gazillion tokens under a single token contract.

With the interests of its holders at the heart of the company, EmotiCoin has positioned itself perfectly to fill a gaping void in today's cryptocurrency market - that of human connection and community.

Whilst financial prosperity may always be the obvious goal for digital asset traders, EmotiCoin's market analysis shows consumer desire for enhanced joy throughout the process - not just the end result. Leveraging the seismic power of meme culture, EmotiCoin is the token for those who don't just love turning a profit, but also love the vibrant world of cryptocurrency.

The founder of EmotiCoin, says, "First and foremost, we are crypto fanatics ourselves. As a team of passionate individuals, we wanted to build a crypto protocol that encompasses everything we love about the world of digital asset trading - it's not only about the money for us.

"That's not to say financial freedom isn't a huge part of what we're about - it is - but we are creating a community which values each and every member involved with it. Here's to a happy, collaborative, profitable future for us all!"

For crypto enthusiasts, the emergence of Reverse Splits Protocol signifies the maturation of the crypto market. As the market evolves, platforms are borrowing tried and tested mechanisms from traditional finance to ensure stability and enhance user experience.

To find out more about EmotiCoin and how you can become a member of its bustling community, visit:

Contact person: Matt Dybalski

Company name: Emoticoin


Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: EmotiCoin

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