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Xiao-I Sets New Milestone with Over 300 Authorized Patents in AI Industry

Wednesday, 16 August 2023 09:40 PM

Xiao-I Corporation

SHANGHAI, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / August 16, 2023 / Xiao-I Corporation (NASDAQ:AIXI) ("Xiao-I" or the "Company"), a leading cognitive artificial intelligence ("AI") enterprise in China, proudly announced that it has reached a significant milestone in the field of artificial intelligence patents. As of July 6, 2023, Xiao-I has boasted an impressive portfolio of more than 300 authorized patents, affirming its position as a leading innovator and creator of cutting-edge technologies in the AI landscape.

The extensive patent portfolio includes 209 authorized patents granted in China and 28 authorized patents in the U.S., making Xiao-I a holder of intellectual property rights in the two largest AI markets of the world. These patents cover various aspects of AI, including natural language processing, speech processing, computer vision, machine learning, affective computing, data intelligence, and hyper-automation.

Xiao-I's dedication to advancing AI capabilities has led to its active involvement in shaping international and national AI standards. Notably, the Company played a pivotal role in leading the establishment of the first international standard for AI Affective Computing (ISO/IECJTC1/SC35 WD30150). This international standard specifically focuses on material extrusion-based systems and establishes essential test specimen geometries. By adhering to this standard, Xiao-I strives to drive innovation and ensure the highest levels of quality and compatibility, ultimately propelling the industry forward with groundbreaking advancements.

In addition to its strong patent presence, Xiao-I holds 132 software copyrights, 230 registered trademarks, and 16 work registrations, further solidifying its commitment to innovation and a comprehensive intellectual property ecosystem.

Furthermore, Xiao-I's chatbot, a flagship product of the Company, has already made remarkable strides in various application scenarios. The intelligent, conversational AI platform boasts multichannel, multimodal, and multimedia features based on advanced AI algorithms. It is proficient in understanding business intricacies, capable of grasping a company's financial situation anytime and anywhere, and comprehends the real-time progress and status of payments and documents under trading terms. With its powerful human-machine cognitive interaction ability, Xiao-I's chatbot has received strong industrial recognition and has been successfully deployed in thousands of real-world use cases.

Mr. Yuan Hui, Chairman and CEO of Xiao-I, remarked, "Cognitive AI is in our company's DNA. With over 20 years of experience, Xiao-I's vision is driven by our unwavering commitment to advancing the frontiers of AI technology and creating innovative solutions that make a meaningful impact on industries and societies. Our mission is clear - to serve and benefit more people through the power of AI. As moving forward, we will continue to invest significantly in research and development, driving the evolution of AI and cementing our position as a leading cognitive AI enterprise in China."

About Xiao-I Corporation

Xiao-I is leading the development of the global AI industry with cognitive intelligence as its core. Since its establishment in 2001, the Company has focused on natural language processing-based cognitive intelligence patents and their industrial applications. Upholding a customer-oriented core value, Xiao-I offers a range of solutions and comprehensive services from technology to products for global enterprise customers.

After over 20 years of dedicated efforts, Xiao-I's technologies have been deployed in thousands of application scenarios across various sectors, such as customer service center, intelligent finance, smart enterprises, smart energy and transportation, smart education, smart healthcare, smart manufacturing, intelligent parks, and intelligent construction and communication. For more information, please visit:

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