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DEA Delays MMJ Company Marijuana Research, Clinical Trials and Pharma Development as Patients Suffer

Tuesday, 08 August 2023 05:45

MMJ International Holdings

DEA is Mismanaging the Marijuana Registration Process as UMISS is Still the Only Provider

The DEA is Perpetuating a Ruse on the American Public

WESTERLY, RI / ACCESSWIRE / August 8, 2023 / As the DEA continues to play their callous, cruel, and indifferent game play in violation of President Biden's Marijuana Research and Expansion Act, Attorney Megan Sheehan representing MMJ International Holdings, MMJ BioPharma Cultivation, and MMJ BioPharma Labs is preparing to file suit in the DC appellate courts this week.

MMJ International Holdings, Tuesday, August 8, 2023, Press release picture

MMJ Companies, the premier medical cannabis development and research group announced that it has completed the FDA required manufacturing of its proprietary THC and CBD soft gel capsule medicine. MMJ has developed a dose form, non-synthetic oral drug product from the marijuana plant extracts. MMJ will be utilizing its new product for an FDA-approved treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and Huntington's disease (HD) for its clinical trials once approved.

Duane Boise the companies President stated "As the MMJ companies continue to overcome their struggle with the DEA's unexplained and unanswered delay, the issue is why has the DEA failed its legislative mandate? The DEA's incomprehensible actions are denying suffering patients from potential relief from the many benefits that cannabis will offer."

The DEA administration states," the DEA anticipates that additional strains of marihuana will be produced and made available to researchers. This should facilitate research, advance scientific understanding about the effects of marihuana, and potentially aid in the development of safe and effective drug products that may be approved for marketing by the Food and Drug Administration," however talk is cheap.

Dr Elio Mariani the company CEO lamented "talk is cheap and we are watching the inaction of the DEA". He further stated "We will get to the bottom of this at all cost."

Congressman Buddy Carter recently slammed the DEA at a congressional hearing calling the agency the "EPITOME OF INEPTITUDE" he continued stating "as a practicing pharmacist for many years the worse thing for me to do is to fill a prescription for someone that doesn't need it however if they do need it I want to fill the prescription. If marijuana truly has medical benefit I want to know".

Listening to the congressman one can recognize that he has clearly defined the WHAT. The only remaining question is WHY?

Is the DEA acting intentionally? Does the DEA have a hidden agenda? Is the DEA personnel incompetent or merely under staffed? Or all of the above.

Millions of Americans depend on the DEA for their well being and they not only deserve an answer they demand an answer.

MMJ is represented by Attorney Megan Sheehan of Rhode Island.

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