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Piers Dunhill & Dunhill Ventures Host Raising Impact Investment Roundtable at London Climate Action Week (LCAW) 2023

Thursday, 20 July 2023 05:00 PM

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / July 20, 2023 / On June 27, 2023, Piers Dunhill and the Dunhill Ventures team held a special event at London Climate Action Week in London, with a diverse portfolio of companies that are in the field of health and wellness, biotechnology research, mental fitness, social media, environmental conservation, green energy solutions, and venture capital. Piers and the Dunhill Ventures team created opportunities for investors to participate in the company impact portfolios to future-proof the effects of climate change at a global scale.

Piers Dunhill
Piers Dunhill
Dunhill speaks at LCAW 2023

The London Climate Action Week is an independent platform that provides a mainstage for ecological issues and showcases groundbreaking solutions to these emerging problems. This year's main focus of this event was gathering industry-leading professionals to position London as a nucleus for climate efforts. The event saw the attendance of politicians, NGOs, and critical business stakeholders creating a platform to transform the climate ecosystem.

During London Climate Week, Piers Dunhill and the Dunhill Ventures Team held a curated raising impact investor event at the Biltmore Mayfair London on June 27, 2023. The event received 136 ultra-high-net-worth individuals ("UNHWI") and partner Family Offices to display a wide range of long-term investment opportunities from a select few industry stakeholders. The roundtable discussions within the event provided an overview of the current impact initiatives of these companies and their recent performance track record in terms of monetary investment returns.

Piers hosted a key industry player, Triller Inc., an upcoming social media platform currently in a Pre-IPO investment round. The company harnesses Artificial Intelligence to have a far higher engagement CTR rate than platforms like Instagram and TikTok. When asked for a comment, Piers Dunhill said, "Triller's showcase at our private investor event indicates the need for a radicalized social media service built with a focus on reaching the spoken word to the masses about our global impact initiatives. It is only together as an influential community that we can bring about meaningful changes to the lifestyle."

In addition, the investor audience had the privilege to view the presentation by Beyond Power Technologies and Blue Vision Capital. Beyond Power presented their in-house reflow generator solutions for bringing sustainable energy to all households and commercial buildings. The keynote corroborated Dunhill Ventures' and their Investors' efforts to reduce the community's carbon footprint and dependency on conventional electrical grid sources. Blue Vision Capital, a Climate Venture Capitalist Firm, presented its Green Energy-based investments and Carbon Neutral Energy seed investment portfolios with a new seed round for potential investors.

The final event highlight was the introduction of Halo Energy by Anshuman Vohra, ex-Wall Street Banker and Bulldog Gin founder, for potential equity and product investment rounds. Halo provided investors insight into a unique hydrating coffee drink that improves the community's lifestyle while reducing carbon impact. The presence of Halo after a previous successful investment round was representative of the unique opportunity for investors to buy into a late-stage investment round pre-IPO.

At the close of the event, Piers Dunhill indicated to the media about his future family office plans, "There will be another Dunhill Ventures event on August 30, 2023, in the Hamptons which will focus on the latest trends and developments in clean energy, including renewable energy sources, energy storage, and energy efficiency. Participants will also discuss the energy industry's challenges, such as climate change, geopolitical risks, and regulatory frameworks."

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SOURCE: Piers Dunhill

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