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BankingBridge Unveils Mortgage Pricing Engine API Supporting Five Leading Pricing Engines

Tuesday, 18 July 2023 13:00

BankingBridge Unveils Revolutionary Mortgage Pricing Engine API Supporting Five Leading Pricing Engines

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / July 18, 2023 / BankingBridge, a pioneer in the mortgage technology sector, is excited to announce the launch of their new Mortgage Pricing Engine API, RateFlow. This cutting-edge technology integrates with five of the industry's top pricing engines - Optimal Blue, Mortech, Polly, Lender Price, and Loansifter - offering an unprecedented level of service and efficiency for mortgage lenders and industry partners.

The unique value of BankingBridge's RateFlow Pricing Engine API lies in its standardized library. This means it is designed to be compatible across all five pricing engines, providing a streamlined, unified solution for the mortgage industry. Lenders and industry partners can now leverage this technology to display real-time rates to their customers, decrease time to market, or integrate live rates into custom applications.

"We're thrilled to unveil RateFlow our innovative Pricing Engine API," says Jack Ellis, CTO at BankingBridge. "Our mission has always been to modernize the mortgage shopping experience and optimize the lending process for our clients. With this new technology, we're doing just that. By integrating seamlessly with the industry's leading pricing engines, we're providing a powerful, standardized tool that can elevate the efficiency of mortgage transactions to a whole new level."

Benefits of using BankingBridge's RateFlow Pricing Engine API include:

Efficiency and Integration: By integrating with five leading pricing engines, the API provides a seamless and unified interface, reducing the complexity of dealing with multiple platforms.

Real-Time Rates: Lenders can display real-time rates on their website, enhancing transparency and customer engagement.

Standardization: The API offers a standardized library compatible with all five pricing engines, making it an ideal solution for mortgage lenders and industry partners.

Ease of Implementation: The API is designed to be easily integrated into existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to services.

BankingBridge invites mortgage lenders and industry partners to explore how the new RateFlow Pricing Engine API can transform their services, streamline operations, and ultimately drive growth.

For more information about BankingBridge's innovative solutions, please visit

About BankingBridge BankingBridge is a leading provider of mortgage technology solutions, dedicated to modernizing the mortgage shopping experience and streamlining the lending process for its clients. BankingBridge's solutions are trusted by small to mid-sized mortgage lenders across the country, making them a trusted partner in the mortgage industry.

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SOURCE: BankingBridge

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