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What Makes for a Bumper Snow Season? Experts on What to Expect in Australia This Year

Sunday, 16 July 2023 06:00 PM

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While long-range snowfall predictions are challenging due to its variable nature, analysing climate drivers can offer an idea of what might lie ahead.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / July 16, 2023 / According to leading Melbourne snowboards retailer, Twelve Board Store, Australia's snow seasons exhibit natural climate variations, ranging from deep snow cover lasting months to lighter falls that quickly melt. Climate change also influences snow cover trends, with warmer temperatures causing precipitation to fall as rain rather than snow and hastening the snowmelt at season's end.

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Twelve Board Store points out a single weather event can significantly impact snowfall and the duration of the season. In 2014, for instance, approximately a metre of snowfall occurred within a week, an amount similar to the average snow depth spanning from 1954 to 2022.

Snowy Hydro's monitoring site at Spencers Creek in New South Wales provides a comprehensive record of peak snow depths in the Australian Alps. Twelve Board Store explains this data accurately reflects snow cover across elevated alpine regions on the mainland.

Typically, the peak snow season in the Australian Alps falls between June and August, although snow in May is common in alpine areas. Twelve Board Store says early snowfall does not necessarily indicate the amount of snowfall or the season's length, and in Australia, early snow seldom endures.

The same climate drivers affecting Australia's overall weather patterns also influence the snow season, potentially offering insights into projected snow depths, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Last year marked a bumper season in Australia, when the prevailing weather pattern was La Niña, while Australia is now transitioning into El Niño, characterised by below-average precipitation. Despite this, Australia's snowfall occurs sporadically, necessitating only a few substantial snowfalls. The last El Niño episode occurred in 2015-2016, fuelling concerns about a repeat of the 2006 season when the snow depth at Spencers Creek remained below 100cm throughout the season.

While snow seasons remain notoriously difficult to predict, meteorologists have occasionally erred in anticipating bumper seasons that failed to materialise. Present indicators point to a leaner-than-usual season in Australia, featuring lower natural snow depths and a potential earlier end, but Twelve Board Store says there is still plenty of time for keen snowboarders to hit the slopes.

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