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Space+5 Commercial Astronaut Class Celebrates Training Completion

Tuesday, 18 July 2023 08:47 AM

NRP Stone, Inc.

PARK CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / July 18, 2023 / Uplift Aerospace (NRP Stone - Symbol:NRPI) is delighted to announce the successful completion of the Space+5 commercial astronaut training, marking a significant milestone in democratizing access to space. The culmination ceremony highlighted the exceptional dedication, innovation, and resilience shown by the Space+5 team.

NRP Stone, Inc., Tuesday, July 18, 2023, Press release picture

The Space+5, the first commercial astronaut class under Uplift Aerospace's Space+ program, comprised of Ruben Salinas, Sydney Hamilton, Mike Mongo, Trent Tresch, and Joan Melendez-Misner, underwent a comprehensive training program alongside AstroAccess ambassadors and the A.I. humanoid robot, Bina48. The curriculum focused on increasing access and diversity in space for all, including future astronauts with disabilities. The mission also investigated the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in human-crewed space missions.

During her speech at the ceremony, Emily Higgins, Director of Space+, applauded the Space+5 team for their unwavering commitment and exceptional fortitude. She stated, "Tonight, we are celebrating the completion of their training, and we also have the incredible opportunity to rally behind Ruben Salinas, who has been chosen by the Space+ community to embark on a thrilling journey to space aboard an upcoming Blue Origin New Shepard flight."

She introduced each member of the Space+5 team, highlighting their individual achievements and contributions to the aerospace industry. Salinas, a medtech entrepreneur, will soon embark on a space flight aboard a Blue Origin New Shepard Rocket. Hamilton, a rocket scientist, is the manager of the first X plane focused on sustainability at Boeing. Tresch, an aerospace innovator, is the Founding Director of the University of Arizona's Center for Human Space Exploration (CHaSE). Mongo, an inspiring author, educator, and astronaut teacher, is known for his work in space education and advocacy. Melendez-Misner, an Integration Engineer at NASA, has worked on significant missions, including Dragonfly, Europa Clipper, and DART.

Josh Hanes, CEO of Uplift Aerospace, closed the ceremony by emphasizing the vision of Space+. He said, "As we mark the completion of their training, we look to the future. A future that, thanks to the efforts of the Space+5, seems closer than ever before. A future where space travel is not an exclusive privilege, but an opportunity available to all of us."

The training of the Space+5 astronaut class signifies a step forward towards increasing access, diversity, and inclusion in human space exploration. The Space+ program aims to pioneer culture in space through historic activations and research focused on Art, Science, and Philanthropy. The Space+5 astronaut class is leading this change, with Salinas soon to fly in space on an upcoming Blue Origin New Shepard flight.

Uplift Aerospace, a subsidiary of NRP Stone, Inc., is an aerospace company pioneering advanced technologies for a multiplanetary economy to revolutionize humanity's connection with space and promote the conservation of Earth. Our products symbolize humanity's boundless capability and commitment to exploration. Uplift is working towards manufacturing and delivering products from space to ensure a sustainable future on Earth.

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SOURCE: NRP Stone, Inc.

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