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GigFire Expands its Base of Regional Coverage with Acquisition of Rural Comm in Farina, Illinois

Wednesday, 05 July 2023 08:00


LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / July 5, 2023 / GigFire , a pioneering company specializing in hybrid broadband network infrastructure, utilizing Fiber to Premises and 60 GHz technology, has announced the acquisition of Rural Comm, located in Farina, IL. This strategic move brings GigFire to Illinois, adds thousands of customers to GigFire's roster and reinforces its commitment to bridging the digital divide by providing high-speed, gigabit-capable broadband connectivity to underserved communities.

GigFire now operates in ten states, primarily across the Midwest region of the United States, and has gained recognition for its innovative approach to broadband infrastructure deployment.

The acquisition of Rural Comm marks an important milestone for GigFire's expansion plans in Illinois. Through this acquisition, GigFire will build fiber to the home in over 150 towns and cities in Illinois and upgrade the existing network infrastructure to deliver gigabit speeds. This will empower residents and businesses in Farina and the surrounding areas with an enhanced internet experience.

"We are excited about our acquisition of Rural Comm," said Corey Hauer , CEO at GigFire. "We look forward to growing our footprint in Illinois and transforming the network to offer gigabit speeds. We were fortunate to acquire great talent through this acquisition and are elated to welcome them to the GigFire team. We will continue to hire local talent in the area to further expand our team for our ambitious FTTH expansion plans."

GigFire's mission to bridge the digital divide is supported by its strong commitment to operational excellence and the employment of highly skilled professionals. With a focus on network deployment efficiency and management, GigFire ensures that communities receive top-quality broadband services. The company is also proud to have a diverse and influential advisory board comprising individuals with extensive technology and high-growth experience. This esteemed board helps drive innovation and positions GigFire at the forefront of the industry.

GigFire's acquisition of Rural Comm demonstrates the company's dedication to expanding its reach and improving broadband connectivity in Illinois. Through the integration of resources and expertise, GigFire aims to accelerate its mission of providing high-speed internet access to communities throughout the state.

About GigFire

GigFire is an innovative company that specializes in deploying hybrid broadband network infrastructure using Fiber to the Home and 60 GHz technology. With operations now in ten states across the USA Midwest region, GigFire aims to bridge the digital divide by providing high-speed, gigabit-capable broadband services to underserved communities. The company follows best practices in its operations, employs highly skilled professionals, and maintains a diverse advisory board to ensure the delivery of reliable and affordable broadband connectivity. For more information, please visit

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James Childs
Chief Strategy Officer
GigFire, LLC
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