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Inspirit Launches Innovative Learning Hub to Empower Students with Affordable XR STEM Education

Monday, 26 June 2023 09:00 AM

The first-to-market platform offers middle and high schools access to a premium library of immersive VR and AR content at a competitive annual rate.

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / June 26, 2023 / Inspirit, the Atlanta-based, research-backed EdTech startup, today announced the official launch of its Innovative Learning Hub. The digital platform offers educators affordable annual access to a premium library of virtual reality and augmented reality (XR) experiences designed for middle and high school students. Inspirit's Innovative Learning Hub is the only one-stop-shop for immersive XR STEM content, enabling students to explore subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and trade-related careers training in a cross-platform environment.

Backed by a team that is committed to conducting rigorous studies in partnership with researchers at Stanford University, Inspirit is on a mission to introduce the proven benefits of XR learning to schools across the globe. By incorporating easy-to-use technology, the Innovative Learning Hub is bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and real-world applications-fostering a deeper understanding and measurable increase in engagement among students.

"Inspirit is unique in that it is led by a VR pioneer who puts ‘education first', with a huge amount of experience in the world of STEM," said Jeremy Bailenson, Founding Director of the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab and Professor of Education. "The result is one unified platform that schools can easily integrate to improve their students' learning outcomes, and to provide an easy and intuitive system for teachers to embed into their curriculum. In my twenty-five years studying VR, I have not seen a company like Inspirit that places such a strong emphasis on the rigor of implementing teacher professional development and curriculum alignment with VR to ensure successful integration and long-term usage in the classroom."

Through its vetted ecosystem of best-in-class content partners, Inspirit's platform provides a comprehensive range of age-appropriate XR experiences that are aligned with educational standards. From engaging simulations to interactive lessons, students can easily explore and study complex concepts, making learning more tangible and enjoyable.

Another key advantage of the Innovative Learning Hub is its cross-platform compatibility. Students can consume the library of content from multiple devices, including laptops, Chromebooks, and most VR headsets built for educational use. This flexibility allows schools to leverage their existing hardware investments while expanding their learning capabilities. By eliminating the need for numerous costly subscriptions and one-off purchases, Inspirit encourages schools to activate an inclusive and accessible STEM curriculum for all students.

"We believe in the power of immersive technology to transform STEM education for meaningful learning in the classroom. Our research-based methodology ensures all middle and high school students have an opportunity to access top-notch XR content that enhances their learning experience, prepares them for the future, and inspires them to pursue their dreams," stated Aditya Vishwanath, Co-Founder and CEO, Inspirit.

To learn more about Inspirit and the Innovative Learning Hub, visit the official website or stop by the VR Arcade at the ISTE2023 conference this week for a free live demo.


Inspirit is a research-driven EdTech startup that is revolutionizing STEM education through immersive XR experiences. Their Innovative Learning Hub is the first and only platform offering middle and high school educators an affordable premium library of content that enables students to explore complex subjects and careers training in a new dimension. With cross-platform compatibility and a deep commitment to accessibility, Inspirit is pioneering the field of XR education. To learn more, visit


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SOURCE: Inspirit

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