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Empowering Patients with One-Tap Prescription and Out-of-Pocket Spending Information

Monday, 12 June 2023 12:30 PM


RxWallet™â€Żallows users to have their electronic prescription information sent directly to their phone, enabling them to shop for the best price.

RICHMOND, VA / ACCESSWIRE / June 12, 2023 / Bringing consumerism to ePrescribing encourages patient adherence to drug therapies and stronger engagement in their health through timely and easy-to-understand pricing information.

RxEOB.Com, LLC, Monday, June 12, 2023, Press release picture

The RxWallet® application from RxEOB, a transformational health information technology company, offers patients the power of anywhere, anytime access to pricing and discount options through data supplied by FDB Vela™. FDB Vela is a cloud-native electronic prescribing network that enables the seamless flow ofcritical medication prescription information, benefits verification, and clinical decision support between pharmacies, prescribers, and payers.

RxWallet leverages FDB Vela's open-source network to offer patients complete price transparency over their prescription drugs if their health plans or PBMs have linked to the network. From their smartphones, patients can shop for the best price on covered prescription drugs across their formulary-not just the retail price as some direct-to-consumer drug discount programs may offer.

With a single app, patients can review their expected out-of-pocket spending across participating FDB Vela pharmacies if they choose to have their prescription covered by their health plan. In some cases, a drug discount program may be more affordable, which will also be listed. The bottom line? RxEOB and FDB Vela offer patients and their providers more control over their care.

About RxEOB, LLC is a digital patient engagement company grounded in 20 yearsof health information technology, serving some of the nation's largest health insurance providers. RxEOB believes patients, families, employers, and health plans make the best decisions about health and cost when they are informed and provides applications and tools to help sponsors manage their prescription benefits to reduce overall drug spend. RxWallet is the revolutionary new application designed to assist consumers to achieve the same goal.

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