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NFPrompt: The First AI Powered NFT Platform that Mints your Imagination on Chain

Monday, 12 June 2023 04:00 PM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 12, 2023 / Non-Fungible Prompt (NFP) has officially launched the first-ever AI-powered art creation and NFT trading platform that empowers every user to become an artist and claim ownership on chain. Everyone can create their own masterpiece and truly own it. Not your NFP, not your artwork.

The era of digital art was disrupted when AI models became capable of generating amazing art from text prompts. This enabled a new avenue for each internet user to express their creative minds. NFPrompt allows each user to realize their imagination by providing an interface for AI models to easily create artworks that can be minted as NFTs (NFP). Users can fully customize their experience by using different AI models as well as tweaking settings to reflect their creativity. Recent developments include a wallet-free log in experience through a user's socials, and a gas fee rebate for their early campaigns. This is to make onboarding into the NFP platform as seamless as possible.

Traditional art has always been plagued by counterfeits or plagiarized content. Blockchain technology plays an important role in protecting the rights of the original artists by providing a decentralized immutable ledger that verifies the transfers and origin of a certain artwork. The project's mission is to bring more users who are enthusiastic about AI art and NFTs while also promoting "Your Prompt, Your Artwork" through social discovery and blockchain.

Aside from making it easier to create AI-generated art through text prompts, future developments in NFP's roadmap will embrace a broader range of AIGC.[a] Features include their own image generating AI model, social features, and a digital space to appreciate content made by community artists.[b]

Listed below are items in NFP's roadmap:

  • AI Generated Clips: To emulate the art of short-form videos that cater to quick attention spans of users.
  • Metaverse Elements: Embracing the future of digital spaces, they aim to integrate AI generated elements into blockchain metaverses.
  • AI Storytelling: A way to cultivate a deeper lore into every content, AI-assisted eloquence.
  • Auction Events: To support well-known artists or institutions that would love to auction their prized AI NFTs to collectors.
  • In-app Editor: a powerful tool to tailor further customizations in-app before publishing content on chain.

NFPv2 is already on its way and would include the features listed above. Security audits and UX improvements are also expected to go live.

On their next community building iteration, NFPrompt is announcing that they are incentivizing early platform activity by launching The Credit System, a part of the airdrop event. NFP started their community building through specially designed strategies to engage AI art creation and onboard more users in the AIxNFT movement. The NFP Credit System is a gamified process to cultivate the creation of exceptionally beautiful AI art.

Rewards would be NFP Credits that can be used in the platform to create more NFPs. Earning a specific number of credits will also entitle the user to have exclusive roles in NFP's discord community, thus having more allocations for the airdrop.

Checkout some of the creative art made by the NFP community:

NFPrompt, Monday, June 12, 2023, Press release picture

Crypto Justice League versus the SEC by 0x4E90…

NFPrompt, Monday, June 12, 2023, Press release picture

bright, irridescent, cinematic, dreamy, close-up by 0x9A94…

NFPrompt, the First Web3 Prompt Artist Platform, has received institutional seed investments at a $60M valuation to push their mission on building the bridge between AI art and NFTs. By introducing a token that ties up the community, NFTs, and the value of masterfully imagined AI art, NFP aligns all important metrics to build a widely adopted Web3 protocol for contemporary art and decentralized internet culture.

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Telegram -NFPrompt Official Group
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Person Name: Asher Y
Email: [email protected]


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