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LocalizeOS Expands to Chicago to Boost the Real Estate Industry

Thursday, 08 June 2023 14:22


Tapping into AI-powered proactive, personalized technology

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / June 8, 2023 / LocalizeOS, a pioneering force in the real estate technology sector, is excited to announce its expansion to the vibrant city of Chicago with its cutting-edge AI solution, hunter. LocalizeOS is revolutionizing the way real estate agents engage with leads by combining the power of proactive AI technology with a personalized touch. The centerpiece of LocalizeOS is hunter, a Large Language Model conversational engine that engages and qualifies leads, ensuring a seamless connection with agents.

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"We are thrilled to bring LocalizeOS and our AI-driven hunter technology to the bustling real estate market in Chicago," said Omer Granot, CEO at LocalizeOS. "Our mission is to empower real estate professionals with tools that enhance their lead engagement capabilities, enabling them to deliver exceptional personalized experiences at scale to clients. By expanding to Chicago, we aim to revolutionize the local real estate landscape with our advanced AI capabilities, unparalleled client services, and amplify the reach of all Chicago real estate brokers and agents."

LocalizeOS has gained recognition from industry leaders, including Grigory Pekarsky, Co-Founder of Vesta Preferred Realty, and Medhi Mova, Founder of The Mova Group, who have embraced LocalizeOS as launch partners in Chicago. These respected professionals have experienced firsthand the power of LocalizeOS in converting leads into successful sales. Grigory Pekarsky, impressed by the platform's combination of AI and human touch, stated, "The beautiful thing about LocalizeOS is that they have the AI piece, but they also have the human piece. With LocalizeOS, you have that human element to remind them, we're just trying to help you." Medhi Mova highlighted the advantage of hunter's lack of emotion in an industry marked by rejection, stating, "hunter's feelings don't get hurt. That's a big deal in this business where agents get rejected more than 90% of the time."

LocalizeOS's expansion to Chicago represents an exciting opportunity for real estate professionals to gain a competitive edge. With LocalizeOS's advanced AI capabilities, agents can now proactively engage and qualify leads, strengthening their client relationships and closing more deals. Agents powered by LocalizeOS on average close 20% more deals than their peers.

Real Estate Power Player, Omer Granot, shares strategy on stage at Inman Connect NYC

To learn more about how LocalizeOS can propel your real estate business forward, contact [email protected] or visit

About LocalizeOS:

LocalizeOS is an AI-powered Operating System designed specifically for the real estate industry. LocalizeOS's suite of products includes LocalizeAI (hunter by Localize™), LocalizeBI, LocalizeMarketplace, and LocalizeHQ, and help empower residential real estate brokers to achieve scalable success. Leveraging free text and Large Language Models, LocalizeOS offers proactive AI tools that enable brokers to effectively connect and engage with qualified buyers on a level that surpasses human capabilities. With LocalizeOS, you become You, Amplified.

Media Contact:

Julie O'Hara
Vice President Marketing
[email protected]

SOURCE: Localize

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