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NIM Launches as the First Members-Only Dating App for Muslims

Monday, 05 June 2023 12:10 PM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 5, 2023 / The first members-only dating app for the Muslim community has now launched. NIM was created to connect like-minded individuals in search of meaningful relationships. Built with a mission to address the challenges faced by Muslim individuals in the modern dating landscape, NIM offers an exclusive and curated experience that resonates with the cultural values of its members.

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Designed exclusively for the Muslim community, NIM incorporates the unique beliefs and practices that define its users. The app provides a Sharia-compliant platform, allowing users to add chaperones to their conversations to ensure appropriateness in all interactions. With NIM, users can forge connections in a secure environment.

NIM offers a private and curated online community, but also serves as a platform to facilitate in-person experiences where members can meet organically. Every profile undergoes thorough screening, ensuring that only individuals with aligned standards are accepted. Precision matching is at the forefront of NIM's goals, with the aim of saving users time and energy by offering hand-picked matches for them to consider.

NIM also incorporates novel Muslim-specific features, such as the "Circle" option, which allows users to invite both single and non-single individuals into their circles. This gives friends and family members the option to suggest and/or veto potential matches.

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Founded by serial tech entrepreneur and first-generation Afghan American, Snaullah (Sal) Niazi, NIM embodies his vision to empower Muslim individuals in finding their other halves. NIM, derived from the Farsi word for "half", represents the app's mission to help users complete their lives through meaningful partnerships. "Our team is fully committed to promoting and facilitating the Muslim experience," Niazi states. "NIM is just the first step in a series of purposeful products and applications to support and uplift the Muslim community."

He adds that at the core of NIM's philosophy lie values of respect, kindness, trust, and creating a safe space for individuals seeking genuine relationships. "This is why we seek to go beyond the virtual realm with our app," Niazi says. "Paying members in major cities will have the opportunity to join intimate gatherings which provide a unique opportunity for members to engage face-to-face, fostering deeper connections and building a stronger sense of community."

NIM has already been launched in key locations worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Turkey, Singapore, and Malaysia. Looking ahead, NIM plans to expand its reach through organic growth and member recommendations, recognizing the significance of word-of-mouth connections within the community.

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About NIM

Nim is a dating app designed specifically for Muslim singles. It offers users a private, members-only community with proprietary features such as a "Circle" option - allowing family and friends to help in the matchmaking process - the option to add a chaperone to conversations, making it Sharia-compliant.


Contact Snaullah Niazi at [email protected]


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