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Rekor Discover Is A Highly Scalable AI-Driven Software That Can Transform Federally Required Traffic Data Collection

Thursday, 01 June 2023 09:00

Rekor Systems

COLUMBIA, MD / ACCESSWIRE / June 1, 2023 / The use of outdated traffic data collection methods is a growing concern in the transportation industry. The reliance on pneumatic rubber tubes and metal sensing sensors not only requires traffic to be stopped for weeks at a time and creates pollution, but also puts workers in danger. In 2023, this is an issue that should have been addressed, yet antiquated methods are still prevalent. The need for an innovative solution that can safely and accurately capture federally required traffic data is more pressing than ever.

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That's where an AI roadway intelligence company like Rekor (NASDAQ:REKR) comes in. Rekor collects and connects mobility data to deliver AI roadway intelligence, layering the foundation for a digital-enabled operating system for the roadway. Its Rekor Discover software fully automates the safe capture of FHWA 13 vehicle classifications, vehicle counts, and speed utilizing high-resolution video streams to deliver ground truth studies. Unlike the outdated methods currently prevalent, Rekor Discover operates at the side of the roadway, not in it, eliminating the need for workers to be in harm's way.

The company's proprietary smart devices that are an integral part of Rekor Discover use an IoT node that can be installed in a few hours and provide valuable insight into traffic patterns that the company's Rekor One system can translate into analytics that are instrumental in making urban planning decisions and roadway enforcement. The same sensor can also track greenhouse gas and smog scores in real-time. The company has two non-intrusive data collection systems that help collect federally required data points.

The first is Rekor Edge Max, a fixed data collection system that captures up to 12 lanes of bidirectional high-speed roadway data. This system is useful for long-term traffic studies, and the two products are being tested by a number of state and city Departments of Transportation (DoT). Most recently, the company's AI vehicle recognition technology is currently being used for a non-intrusive proof of capability study on the New York State Thruway and on I-95 and I-83 in Maryland. These studies support the federally mandated vehicle classification process with the New York State Department of Transportation. Additionally, the South Carolina Department of Transportation is conducting a similar study, and around 26 other state DOTs have shown interest in adopting this non-intrusive cutting-edge roadway AI technology.

The second system, Rekor Edge Flex, is a non-intrusive portable data collection system that captures up to 12 lanes of high-speed roadway data. This system is most useful in understanding the environmental impact of roads for short-term traffic studies spanning one to seven days.

The next decade will likely witness an overwhelming need for hundreds of thousands of new permanent and portable data collection systems worldwide. As the transportation industry continues to prioritize efficiency and safety, Rekor Discover is at the forefront of traffic data collection and analysis. It offers highly accurate and always-operational count, class, and speed capabilities that can be implemented without any safety or operational drawbacks. With its cutting-edge AI solution, Rekor Discover provides unparalleled accuracy in data collection and serves as the crucial IoT node that forms the backbone of a resilient and safer roadway operating system.

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SOURCE: Rekor Systems

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