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Orbs Launches dLIMIT - A New Solution for Decentralized Exchanges

Thursday, 01 June 2023 08:00

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / June 1, 2023 / Orbs is excited to announce the launch of dLIMIT, an innovative decentralized limit order solution for decentralized exchanges (DEXs), enabled by Orbs' unique Layer 3 (L3) infrastructure.

The novel technology has been utilized to develop advanced DeFi tools like dTWAP - a decentralized algorithmic TWAP order tool for DEXs. dLIMIT, the latest addition to this lineup of products, guarantees optimal and reliable execution of limit orders in a decentralized manner.

"The Orbs dLIMIT smart contract offers DEX users an unprecedented ability to execute limit orders at optimal prices with fair fees," says Ran Hammer, Vice President of Business Development for Orbs. "Moreover, the technology comes with a user interface template, designed for seamless integration and customization by any DEX, for an intuitive, user-friendly, and informative trading experience."

The dLIMIT solution is built on the Orbs' dTWAP protocol, a production-tested product with a proven track record. It is integrated into leading DEXs such as QuickSwap and SpookySwap, registering millions of dollars in trading volume.

Orbs' L3 infrastructure, powered by the Orbs Network-a decentralized and public blockchain infrastructure governed by a network of permissionless validators (Guardians) using Proof-of-Stake consensus-is the backbone of the dLIMIT solution. It allows developers to design applications that extend the capabilities of their smart contracts without relying on traditional centralized server solutions.

The Orbs Guardians play a vital role in the dLIMIT protocol. They run a tailored function utilizing ORBS-Lambda that acts as the single honest bidder, or "taker", required for the dLIMIT protocol to run optimally. In a decentralized way, they monitor the dLIMIT Smart Contract and calculate and submit an honest bid when an order is open for bids.

The bids are hardcoded to specify a minimal gas fee and optimal trade path, ensuring that trades executed and the dLIMIT contract track spot market prices as closely as possible.

"dLIMIT, backed by Orbs' robust network infrastructure and smart contract, offers DEXs an optimal limit order solution that ensures decentralization, redundancy, reliability, and user protection," the spokesperson adds. "There is already significant interest in the product from leading DEXs, with multiple integrations in progress."

For more information regarding the dTWAP and dLIMIT protocol, join the Telegram channel support group and follow Orbs on Twitter!

About Orbs

Founded in 2017, Orbs is a public, open, decentralized blockchain infrastructure powered by a network of permissionless validators using Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus. Using a multi-layered blockchain stack, Orbs acts as a separate decentralized execution layer operating between existing layer-1 and layer-2 solutions and the application layer. This approach opens up a new horizon of capabilities for Web3 segments, including DeFi, NFTs, and GameFi, as it delivers a decentralized backend for smart contracts.


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