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Binance Labs Co-Led a $6.6M Seed Round for Fusionist to Further Support Early-Stage Web3 Gaming Innovation

Wednesday, 31 May 2023 09:30 PM

Main Takeaways:

  • In May 2022, Binance Labs co-led a $6.6 million strategic investment in Fusionist, a Web3 gaming DApp, to drive innovation and adoption in Web3 gaming.
  • Fusionist is creating a scalable multi-gaming ecosystem built on Unity, offering high-quality AAA gameplay to its rapidly expanding community of Web3 gamers.
  • The founding team, composed of seasoned veterans from Tencent Games, Electronic Arts, and Moonton Games, brings over 16 years of combined experience in developing global PC and mobile games.

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / May 31, 2023 / Binance Labs, the venture capital arm and accelerator of Binance, has co-led a $6.6 million seed funding round for Fusionist, a Web3 gaming company, alongside Web2 gaming giant Funplus in May 2022. The move aligns with Binance Lab's commitment to supporting early-stage Web3 gaming projects and promoting a more robust Web3 gaming ecosystem.

FUSION INTERACTIVE PTE., Wednesday, May 31, 2023, Press release picture

Fusionist introduces its definitive sci-fi game trilogy that interconnects management simulation, tactical RPG, and strategic 4X genres. Set in the 2800s in a world where Earth has become largely uninhabitable, the game series invites players to assume Commander roles as they set off to explore the universe, looking to find inhabitable homes and seed humanity across the galaxy.

Featuring well-designed, breathtaking gameplay and collectible NFTs along with innovative multi-gaming mechanics, Fusionist aims to create a scalable Web3 gaming space with effective player segmentation and organic growth. The games will initially be launched on the BNB Chain before expanding to other Layer-1 networks.

Fusionist's CEO, Ike T, said: "We are thrilled to have Binance Labs on board as a strategic investor and partner. With the support of one of the industry leaders, we can further raise the bar for what Fusionist is able to accomplish in the future."

Fusionist has rapidly grown its community to 800,000 members within five months, having successfully launched three NFT series and its current Beta testing on video game distribution platform, Steam. Binance Labs expects that Fusionist is working to deliver an exceptional gaming experience while fostering an interactive and engaged user base. With the funds raised, Fusionist will continue to accelerate the development of games and build out the Endurance Mainnet ecosystem, which was introduced in January 2023. Additionally, Fusionist has plans to intensify user growth and recruit top-tier gaming and Web3 professionals to further bolster their team's capabilities.

About Binance Labs

As the venture capital arm and accelerator of Binance, Binance Labs has now grown to be worth over $9 billion. Its portfolio covers 200 projects from over 25 countries across 6 continents and has an over 10X rate of return on investments. Fifty of Binance Labs' portfolio companies have been projects that had gone through our incubation programs.

For more information, follow Binance Labs on Twitter.

About Fusionist

Fusionist is a blockchain-based gaming company that currently offers three games featuring collectible NFTs. Focused on delivering the most scalable and sustainable next-generation Web3 games for players all around the world, Fusionist has deployed more than 50 developers globally over the past year to build its suite of gaming products.

For more information, follow Fusionist on Twitter.


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