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Spider Labs Establishes New Offices in New York, USA and Cork, Ireland

Tuesday, 30 May 2023 09:00

Spider Labs

TOKYO, JAPAN / ACCESSWIRE / May 30, 2023 / Spider AF, a leading provider of digital ad fraud and lead fraud prevention, has announced its expansion into New York, USA and Cork, Ireland. These new locations will enhance the company's ability to serve its global client base and capitalize on growing market opportunities in both regions.

Spider Labs, Inc., Tuesday, May 30, 2023, Press release picture

The global impact of ad fraud prevention has become a significant concern, with the digital advertising industry experiencing approximately 9.3 trillion yen (680 billion USD) in damages due to ad fraud in 2022 alone. Spider AF's solutions are specifically designed to detect fraud, safeguard brand reputation, and maximize advertisers' return on investment.

"Our expansion into New York, USA and Cork, Ireland demonstrates Spider AF's commitment to delivering advanced solutions in the fight against ad fraud. We believe that our expertise and innovative solutions will be well-received in these new markets, contributing to the overall growth of the digital advertising industry," said Satoko Ohtsuki, CEO of Spider AF.

This expansion marks a significant milestone for Spider AF and reinforces the company's dedication to helping advertisers protect their investments and achieve their business objectives. With the opening of these new offices, Spider AF aims to increase its overseas client base to 50% of the total by 2024, further establishing itself as a global leader.

New York, as a city with a rich media and advertising heritage, serves as a hub for digital advertising in North America. With the presence of major media companies and advertising agencies, it offers a dynamic ecosystem of innovation and growth in the digital advertising industry. Spider AF's expansion into New York will enable the company to tap into this thriving environment and leverage the expanding market opportunities in the region.

Cork, Ireland, is renowned for its thriving technology industry and a talented pool of professionals in technology, software engineering, and data analytics. The city hosts various technology hubs and multinational technology companies, including Apple, Dell, and Pfizer, which have established operations in Cork to harness the local talent pool. By expanding into Cork, Spider AF will have access to this pool of expertise and benefit from the supportive business environment, positioning itself for growth and innovation throughout Europe.

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